Getting Ready for ACFW Gala Awards!


Two of our authors are finalists in the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Carol Awards this year, and we’re so excited for them! The awards’ gala is Saturday, August 27th in Nashville, TN, and we’ll be there to cheer them on!

If you plan to attend the awards’ ceremony, look us up! I’m not sure where we’ll be seated, but we’d love to meet fellow authors and readers this coming week!


Christine H. Bailey’s April 30th release, The Broken One, is the story of a 17-year-old trying to find her way back to normal after the death of her best friend. We wanted a cover that highlighted both the hope and the anguish, and our cover artist delivered. See for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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The Thorn Keeper by Pepper D. Basham

The sequel to Pepper Basham’s award-winning inspirational, historical romance, The Thorn Bearer, releases on February 28th! Already available for pre-order, The Thorn Keeper has garnered positive reviews well in advance of its release.

#Pg69Challenge from beyond the grave: found #mystery MS by Marjorie Owen

#Pg69Challenge from beyond the grave: found #mystery MS by Marjorie Owen.


Dear Readers,

I just want you to know that, while my book may seem critical of America, it is actually a love letter to America.  A country where freedom prevails and where an individual exists.  A country that has unsurpassed justice and liberty.

 However, I believe that in order for our country to remain great, we cannot be passive citizens but active, educated, critical thinking denizens.  In other words, I think the world painted in my novel is a true possibility but a long way off.  Most of the time.

 When talking to neighbors, friends, and acquaintances, I often think to myself, “Wow.  America is really great.  We have nothing to worry about.”  But then, I turn on the television or walk into a supermarket and watch drones scanning items in automated lines and in an automated fashion tuned into their cell phones instead of those around them,and I think, “Wow.  The world is a scary book.

My dystopian world could actually materialize.”  So, my book is not so much of a warning as a reminder to retain our ability to think and to immerse ourselves in our society and leave the automated drone action at the supermarket.  To protect our rights and fight for them if need be.  That is all.  Because I love America, I can criticize her flaws.

Coming soon from AE Weber Wolstein

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Writer’s Block

by AE Weber


Writer’s block.  Ugh.  I have it, and it is the first times in years that I have had to endure a complete writer’s shut down.  In the past, writers block has sneakily tiptoed into my grey matter after a few pages.  Or chapters.


But I have never sat down to write, in front of a blank, fresh piece of paper, without getting anything down.  But, this summer, I have sat down to write only to spend an entire hour staring at flattened wood pulp.  Is it possible my cranium houses a head still too engaged in my last novel? That the lure of the ocean and the fresh air of summer is all too distracting?


Perhaps I’ve had too much time to spend in my ontological musings and my inner philosopher has thought-blocked my inner fiction writer.  Whatever the reason, I need to find a way to rekindle my inner storyteller before I lose my story.


I began a great story about a fairy who falls in love with a wizard, an allegory for how the first world plunders the third world.  A part of me feels that it is too Harry Potterish without being anything like Harry Potter, and perhaps this has thwarted my ability to spindle a tale.


Or perhaps I am too engrossed in my political opinions to just feel the story and let all that I have internalized create the story for me.  That is what I am going to do.  Try more feeling.  Perhaps some pineapple wine will aid me along on this feeling/writing journey.  Just a glass.  Cheers to curing writer’s block!

Coming soon from AE Weber

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Beyond the Familiar


Delia Latham


Psalm 91:11 – For he shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

An old saying suggests that with familiarity comes contempt…or disregard. For example, consider the items hanging on your walls, or the scenery outside your home. Chances are, they’re so much a part of your life that they’ve become invisible. If asked to do so, you could describe them right down to the last detail. But when you walk through the rooms in your house, how often do you actually see the items you’ve so carefully collected and gathered around you? Someone recently asked me if I still owned a certain picture that has hung in my home for years. “Yes,” I replied. “It’s hanging in my—” At this point, I stopped, because I couldn’t remember. I hadn’t noticed it in a long time.

I closed my eyes, deliberately envisioned my home, room to room and wall to wall, and finally located that framed print. In my living room, where I see it every day. Or rather, where I don’t see it every day.

Unfortunately, I fear that’s what happens to us in regard to God’s Word, as well. Take that verse of scripture from Psalms…

Angels keep showing up in my novels. This is not a direction I ever planned to take with my writing, but it seems God had other ideas. They first showed up in Goldeneyes (Vinspire Publishing, 2008), when a stranger with golden eyes subtly helped two families overcome a two-decades-old chasm. Since then, angels have found their way into several other books—and not because I planned to put them there.

If we truly, without a doubt, unequivocally believe God’s Word means exactly what it says…why is the idea of angels actually appearing to and speaking with human beings so hard for some of us to swallow?

Once I stopped tussling with God about inserting angels into my books, I found myself learning to look beyond the familiar to the fullness of the very personal promise in Psalm 91:11. God has given His angels charge over me (and you), to keep me (and you) in ALL my (our) ways.

The word “ALL” covers a tremendous amount of territory. Job. Family. Friends. Home. Bills. Hobbies. Relationships. The little things and the big things, the important ones and the trivial.

Now look beyond the word “all” to who is keeping us in all your ways. Angels.

Sometimes they’re not visible to our vision. Sometimes, I believe they are, but our pitiful human minds refuse to connect the dots. Consider Hebrews 13:2, with its unapologetic directive: Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.

Is it possible? Yes. It is.

God’s special messengers, His angels, have charge over you. They’re with you every step you take, every decision you make. When you think you’re alone…you’re not. The things you fear, you shouldn’t, because angels have your back. Even when we don’t feel them, when we don’t see them, when we forget their existence…they are there. Guarding, protecting, guiding and teaching.

Keeping us in all our ways.

Isn’t that just like God? Using the hosts of Heaven to take care of us, His earthly children.

That’s a promise to cherish. All of it. Every word.

Precious Father, I thank You for being so concerned with my well-being that You would assign your holy angels to light my path and guide my steps, to keep me in every way. Help me to look beyond the familiar, to the fullness of all that You’ve promised me. Open my eyes to see the possibilities in every person that I come in contact with. Above all, create in me a clean heart and a right spirit, so when someone looks at me, they see a reflection of You. I ask these things in Your precious, holy name. Amen.




DELIA LATHAM is a born-and-bred California gal, raised in a place called Weedpatch and currently living in the lovely mountain town of Tehachapi with her husband and a spoiled Pomeranian. She enjoys multiple roles as Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings. She has a “thing” for Dr. Pepper, and loves to hear from her readers. Contact her through her website or find her at the following locations:

Living the Write Life (blog); Facebook; Twitter; Amazon Author Page

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