The Fallible Publisher

Humanity in Human

February 14th we celebrated our 14th anniversary in business. It’s been fourteen years since we opened the doors of Vinspire Publishing, originally named Vintage Romance Publishing. Over the years, we’ve had plenty of ups and downs. Sometimes, you take two steps forward and four steps back, but we move forward, always believing that we were in this for a reason.

This week has challenged us. Problems have arisen that we couldn’t have anticipated, but we’re working through them and pressing on. For behind the doors of Vinspire Publishing are humans that are not infallible, and the moment we start seeing ourselves as perfect is the very moment we fail as humans.

We believe in our authors, in their books, and their ability to achieve their dreams, and we’re proud to be a small part in their accomplishments. We’ve launched careers, allowed writers to hold their first published book in their hands, and have seen them soar beyond their own expectations. And that’s why we keep going.

Mistakes still happen even after fourteen years. Someone behind the scenes will push a wrong button. An initial will be left off of a header. A conversion won’t go as planned, and we’ll be scrambling to correct a book for a disappointed author. We’ll apologize and hope they believe we still have their best interests at heart. Because we are human. Hopelessly fallible and ever hopeful we can do better!

And we are thankful, grateful, and blessed for each and every one of those fourteen years. We look forward to many more!


Coming Soon: On the Edge—Book Bundle

If you like young adult contemporary romance, you’ll want to keep a look out for our next book bundle which will be releasing in May. On the Edge includes Girl in the Middle, Waking Under Water, and The Broken One by Christine Bailey.



Award-winning author of Angelhood, A.J.

Award-winning author of Angelhood, A.J. Cattapan, calls Healer by Susan Miura “an engaging young adult tale” and that’s just one of the many reasons you should read this book! #YA #inspirational

Have you ever been drawn to a place, and

Have you ever been drawn to a place, and you don’t understand why? A Portal in Time by claire fullerton answers that question! The reviews don’t like! #paranormal #mystery

We’re working on a deal!

We’re working on a deal that will expand the reach of our titles across the world, and we’re really excited! Details coming soon! #success #nevergiveup

Healer by (Susan Miura) is now available

Healer by (Susan Miura) is now available for pre-order, and the paperback will arrive soon. In case you’re wondering if you should order it, check out just one of the reviews! #YA #inspirational

Susan Miura, author of the upcoming Heal

Susan Miura, author of the upcoming Healer, has a host of activities planned to celebrate the release of her book. Check out some of them at her website: and stay tuned for more!