What Do You Do When Technology Doesn't Cooperate?

Most of us are fully dependent upon computers, especially writers. I know a few writers who still write their books by hand, but, in the end, it does all come down to the use of a computer.

So what exactly do you do when that computer is on the fritz? When you don’t have a back-up computer?

I doubt it would help for me to tell you not to panic. I know that’s the first thing I do when my computer decides to hiccup, or worse, fail altogether. That has happened to me again and again. In fact, it just happened recently. Hence this post.

As for what to do, well, some of the following might work for you, but, then again, they must might. And they’re certainly worth a try, especially if you’re in a financial bind when your computer takes its last breath.

Your local library more than likely has several computers for public use. You will need to reserve them, at least, you do here. And you can use them for up to an hour. Not a lot of time, but it would enable you to get in some writing time and allow you to check your e-mails.

Most cities have Rent-A-Centers or the like from which you can rent a computer/laptop until you can get a new one or your old one repaired.

Ask your friends who work full-time if you can come to their house and use their home computer while they’re away, or, if you can borrow their laptop while they’re at work. This has worked for me many times.

If that’s not possible, ask your friend if you can use their home computer while they’re home, at least for an hour.

If you work full-time, ask your boss if you can use your work computer during your lunch break or even after hours. Again, this has worked for me several times.

If you’re a member of a church, ask if you can use the secretary’s computer after hours. Also, don’t be embarrassed to mention this to members as it’s very possible one of them may have a computer you can use. (Once again, speaking from experience.)

If you’re a member of any group that utilizes computers, make your issue known and see if anyone has an extra computer or one they’d be willing to let you use an hour or two a day.

And, lastly (at least for now), ask your friends to ask their friends or family members. It just so happened, when my computer decided to take its final breath, that my friend’s mother had a computer that was still in the box that she let me have. You never know who might have a computer stashed away that they’re not using, and it can’t hurt to ask!

Unfortunately, as writers, we’re dependent upon modern technology, and, hopefully, these suggestions will help one or some of you who are in the same boat as I was a few days ago!

Dawn Carrington

P.S. My next post will be about computer repairs and how to make sure you’re getting what you paid for!


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