Finding Your Balance

Finding a balance of happiness in our lives can be a challenge when troubles swamp us every day.

With the current economy and other difficulties in life, it might be hard to keep your eyes focused on what really matters and how to continue living in spite of the problems.

Here are three ways to regain focus:

Remember your past trials and how you came through them.

We’ve all had past problems, perhaps the loss of a job, financial problems, or illness. Think back to the last big obstacle you faced. How did you surpass it? Okay, so you might not have handled it the best possible way, but you came through it, didn’t you? Remember this when another wave of trouble hits you. You can and will come through those dark hours.

Remember that it takes time for a wounded soul to heal or a problem to resolve.

Don’t expect to wake up tomorrow morning to find the problem miraculously solved and the pain gone. It doesn’t happen that way. Just as grieving is a process, so is the solution to a problem. It takes steps, sometimes big, sometimes small. In life, miracles are few. So be patient with yourself and with others.

Do something to take your mind off the problem if only for an hour a day.

Take a class or a walk. Call a friend. Take a bubble bath. Get a massage, or read a book, but do something other than think about your problem(s).

There’s always something you can do, and if financial difficulties are the cause of your current distress, there are plenty of free things to do in life.

Visit the library or a nursing home. Put on your favorite CD and dance. Meditate, pray, laugh. Whatever your chosen activity, just give yourself at least one hour a day to enjoy life without the albatross of your problem(s).

So just remember that no matter what you might face today, you can make it through. You can survive all the problems-even when your heart tells you it can’t take any more.

The human spirit is very resilient and giving up is not an option. Living your life to the best of your ability isn’t an option, either. It’s a choice.


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