Book Videos–The Final Determination

Now we come to the end of the journey, or, the end of the month-long trial run. Let’s see how well this campaign has worked for you and whether it is something you will try again.

Remember all those sites you visited when you were determining the current sales rank of your book as well as your ratings? Well, get ready to revisit them. By the way, if you’ve already gotten your royalty statement now, that’s going to be a big help as well.

Now it’s time to go back to your web stats and review the list of external sites. Write down the places where you know you had your video uploaded. Tally up how many direct click-throughs you received as a result.

Next, go back to Amazon and check for reviews. Did you receive any more? Does your book have more ratings? What is your sales ranking? The lower the number, the better the sales.

Then it’s time to visit Barnes and Noble to do the same thing. (Or other online places your book is available for purchases if it’s a print book). Always look at your sales rank. It does help give you a general idea of your current sales.

If you have an e-book, your travels will take you to All Romance once again. Did your book make best-seller status? If not, where is it in the line-up of your publisher’s books? Has it climbed up a few notches since before your campaign began? What about the rating? Has it improved? Have you gotten any reviews?

How about Mobipocket? Any ratings there?

Stop in at your publisher’s website. If your publisher uses an e-commerce site, you should be able to see the top-selling books. Did your book make the list?

Now, head on over to Fictionwise and retrace your steps from my last post. Where is your book in your publisher’s list of books? Are you on the best-seller list this time? If not, have you moved up the list since the campaign began? How many reader ratings do you have now? Is your book on the highest rated list? Ratings mean sales so that’s a definite sign of progress!

Finally, it’s time to ask some questions. Ask your readers via your blog, Facebook, or however you talk to them, if they purchased your book because of the video or if they were in any way influenced by it. Nudge them for answers because this could very well be a major deciding factor in whether or not you choose to utilize book videos again.

Now that your campaign is complete, do you feel the extra work was worth any additional money you made? Can you see how beneficial the video was? Weigh the pros and the cons before making your decision, and you might even want to consider talking to other authors you use videos to see if they believe their sales have been directly impacted. Perhaps they could even give you some additional tips that will elevate your sales.

Good luck, and if you do have positive results with your book video campaign, please let us know! We’ d love to congratulate you!

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2 responses to “Book Videos–The Final Determination

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  2. Great video! With a perfect message!

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