What Every Author Deserves

Whether you are a first-time author or have been in this industry for a while, there are certain things you deserve from you publisher, things that are non-negotiable. Things like:

You deserve to be treated like a person and not a commodity.

You deserve to be kept in the loop about your book.

You deserve to know if there are any delays in the release of your book and why.

You deserve (and based upon your contract have the right to) a royalty statement on time every time. Even the smallest of publishers should have a fail-safe in place in the event the staff member who is responsible for royalties is unable to complete the task. Barring a major catastrophe, your statements and payments should be on time all the time.

You deserve to be able to communicate with your editor as well as other members of the staff. If your editor is on vacation or otherwise unavailable, you should have access to another staff member who can answer any questions not directly related to edits on a specific book.

You deserve to be able to ask any reasonable question and receive an answer without fear or reprisal or ridicule.

And finally, you deserve to be heard.



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