Can We Disagree Agreeably?

If you read blogs and articles, watch YouTube videos, or listen to podcasts, you have, undoubtedly, come across commenters who disagree with one another, usually in a such a vehement way as to be acidic. That makes me wonder why. Can we not, as intelligent, compassionate human beings, disagree with one another without turning the conversation into an unproductive spew of hatred and aggression?

When I read a blog post and the comments, I don’t automatically assume that anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot or any other denigrating term. I just believe their opinion differs from mine. Some might consider it unrealistic to expect others to accept your opinions without attempting to harass the commenter into a mind change, but I believe it can be possible. Shouldn’t we all believe that?  Shouldn’t we all strive to accept that not everyone is going to agree with us?



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