A Book That Educates

I’m a big fan of reading or else I wouldn’t be in this business. I especially love reading books that will improve my life and educate. I’m reading one of those now–The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. It was first released in 2007 then expanded in 2009, and I wouldn’t have heard about it unless someone I consider a mentor mentioned it to me. I’ve been devouring it ever since.

Tim Ferriss reaches to the heart of what everyone would love to do-work less to spend more time doing the things we love. Of course, you can’t work less without making the same amount of money you’re making right now…or even more. Tim teaches us how. With ways to outsource your life, cut down back on interruptions, and get more done in less time, Tim has tips for everyone. It’s worth a read even if you’re not looking into becoming your own boss. I’m halfway in, but I’m already giving it five stars. (Tim’s sense of humor plays a large part in the last star!)

Right now, the book is available only in hardback or as an e-book. I sprung for the hardcover at Barnes and Noble for $22.00 because I had a gift card, but you can get it for only $13.20 at Amazon. Happy reading!



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