Misery and Hope

So much misery is forever being released from Pandora’s Box, which I understand was actually a vase. Misery and pain leap out, taking turns ravishing our lives.

I have had the privilege and misfortune to witness so much of this as a firefighter. I’ve seen people lose all their worldly possessions in a column of smoke. I’ve seen sorrow when a loved one is taken. I’ve held children as they take their final breath. But I manage to keep going. Through it all, a glimmer of hope shyly shines up at me from the bottom of that box.

Just when things can’t seem to get any worse, the impossible will happen. Family photos are saved. Loved ones are reunited. And a child will awaken and smile up at me. Despite all the pain and misery, hope keeps us going. Even if it is impossible hope.

Hope was the inspiration for my upcoming novel Shadowflesh, to be released early next year. And no, it’s not a tale about a firefighter. It’s the story of hopeless and forbidden love. Aileen, who has been fighting her own demons for her seventeen years, falls in love with someone she can never have. Fate tears them apart, and common sense tells her it’s for the best.

I hope you enjoy Shadowflesh along with all the other excellent books offered by Vinspire. Through it all, you might just find that glimmer of hope.

by Shawn Martin, author of the upcoming book Shadowflesh


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