THE PASSENGER, an excerpt


The musky scent of skin, a brush on the shoulder, a gust of bitter air – all forewarn Elizabeth a spirit will soon seek her help to pass from this world to the next. Yet a living man’s wounded soul offers her the challenge of a lifetime.

With Halloween just days away, I wanted to drop by and treat everyone to an excerpt from my 1940’s ghost story, THE PASSENGER.

 The set-up:  Elizabeth Reilly has a gift. She can communicate with the dead. The ghosts appear to her as if alive in the condition they were at the time of their death.

At other times she can experience the moments that led up to their death. The passage below is one such time…

Gio veered the truck down a dirt road. “What do you do…in Boston?”

His voice was nice, almost soothing to Elizabeth’s emotional state, when it wasn’t so accusatory or threatening. “What do I do?” she asked.

Impatient with her again, he said, “Yes. How do you make a living?”

“Well, I don’t…at the moment. I live with my family.” She rubbed her arms to smooth the hair that stood on end. Utter panic swept her body. The sudden sensation of flight assaulted her. Someone chased her, and she ran for her life…

A woman ran into the middle of the road, glancing over her shoulder at something behind her. The long tattered dress she wore had rips at the hem and revealed dirty, bare feet.

“Hobby then,” Gio said. His voice reminded her where she was – in the truck with him.

Then pain shot through her head.

“Gio!” she screamed and grabbed his arm at the same moment the woman ran into the truck’s path.

“What are you doing?” He twisted the wheel sharply. The truck spun to the left and passed through the woman.

“No – no,” Elizabeth chanted on the edge of a sob. Her body grew ice-cold with a shiver that climbed her spine. The woman ran past the passenger side window. Her crushed skull exposed jagged, bloody bone. Dried blood covered one side of her dress. “You hit—” she groaned. The woman fled down the empty road then vanished out of sight.

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Have a happy and safe Halloween! ~Joie

Joie Lesin

~Discover Love’s Haunting Journey Home~


One response to “THE PASSENGER, an excerpt

  1. Excellent excerpt. I want to read more!

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