‘Twas the Month Before Deadline

‘Twas the month before deadline, when all through my head

No ideas were stirring but feelings of dread.

Pink Post-its were hung on my iPad with care,

In hopes that my article soon would be there.


‘Twas the week before deadline. I saw my hopes wane

As visions of wittiness fled from my brain.

“My schedule’s too busy,” I heard myself squeak.

“I’ll write my piece later. I’ve still got a week!”


‘Twas the night before deadline. My time had run low,

The screen of my iPad still blank as the snow.

My editor phoned, and I said, “I’ll get to it.

I just have to make myself sit down and do it!”


Then laying my fingers atop of the keys,

I wrote the first line with astonishing ease.

More rapid than eagles fine paragraphs came,

And soon I was typing THE END and my name.


I ran it through Spell-Check but easily saw

That each word was perfect, each phrase without flaw.

I smiled and hit “Send” with a confident tap,

Then settled myself for a long winter’s nap.


‘Tis the night after deadline. I’m drinking champagne

And toasting the genius who lives in my brain,

When what to my wondering eyes should arrive

But a text that says “redo tomorrow by 5.”


Merry Christmas to all,

And to all a good read!


One response to “‘Twas the Month Before Deadline

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