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Dead on the Money

Listen to author Venita Louise sing The Nearness of You, portraying the character Hazel Thompson. Hazel is a waitress, aspiring singer, and ball of fire, intent on stealing Tom away from Olivia…that is, until she meets the musician of her dreams.

Dead on the Money picks up where Initials For Murder left off, ensnaring Tom and Olivia in yet another dangerous and thrilling adventure.

Tom Trask is basking in the glow of his recent engagement to H. Olivia Tully, but without warning, his elation turns to shattering danger when a ruthless convict shows up and begins to stalk them.

Olivia has learned just enough about police investigation to teeter-totter between being a public nuisance and a threat to herself and unwittingly sets a series of events into motion which puts Tom’s, Uncle Charlie, in grave danger. Now it is up to Tom to untangle the mystery surrounding this shadowy stalker, and he is forced to set out on an unplanned trip up to Half-Moon Bay.

*Bonus! The novella, Initials For Murder, which is no longer available in electronic format, will be included with Dead on the Money in anthology form.


ISBN: 978-0979332722

Released: 09-30-2007

Kindle | Paperback | Nook | Audible



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