Where is Grandpa?

Rachel Carrington

My grandfather died when I was eight years old. I don’t remember much about him, but my grandmother talked about him all the time. Though she died not too long after, I remember everything she told me…because most of it freaked me out, starting with her first interaction with my grandfather’s spirit.

Shortly after my grandfather died, my grandmother sank into a deep depression. She’d been married to Grandpa for close to fifty years and didn’t know what to do without him. Nothing we did moved her from the bed or brought her back from the brink of despair. Until one night about three months after his death.

At just after midnight, we all heard a conversation coming from my grandmother’s bedroom. Now, at that time (over thirty years ago), we only had a phone in the kitchen. So we knew Grandma couldn’t be talking to anyone on the telephone. You can imagine the looks on our faces when we eased down the hallway.

Before we could knock on the door, Grandma opened it wide and came out into the hallway, a big smile on her face. “Everything’s all right,” she said, her hands folded together as though in prayer. “I just spoke to him, and he’s fine.”

“Who did you speak to, Mama?” My father peered around the corner in an attempt to see into her bedroom.

“Your father, Son. We had a long talk, and he’s so happy. He sat right beside me on the bed just like he used to. We held hands, and he told me all about where he is. He couldn’t stay long, but he promised he’d be back.”

We all stared at each other, our mouths hanging open. “So where is Grandpa?” I voiced the question on everyone’s mind.

Grandma winked at me and backed into her bedroom. “Don’t you worry, sweetie. I’m sure he’ll be visiting you soon.” She said that like it was a good thing, and for the next several nights, I slept with one eye open.

I never saw my grandfather’s spirit, but my grandmother said she talked with him often, and he even told her she wouldn’t be without him long. When she passed away less than two years later, we were all a little afraid she was going to start paying us nightly visits, but she never did. And to my knowledge, Grandpa didn’t come back, either.



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2 responses to “Where is Grandpa?

  1. I’ve heard of things like this happening so many times. I tend to think God sends us angels in human forms we can relate to when we need comfort or help. Who better to bring your grandmother out of her despondence than the love of her life? 🙂 Thank you for sharing such a touching story!

  2. I think God always watch above us and really sent angels for help in sorrow or even when were are happy .Really love the grandma story.

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