A Day in the Life…

of author Chuck Walsh.

DSC_0095 (2)

“A day in the life of” can cover both ends of the spectrum for this author. I never know from day to day which kind of “day” it will be. Will it be a fun-filled book signing party kind of day, hanging out with readers who want to know more about my books, or, is it perhaps just a day spent struggling to extract from my sometimes uncooperative mind, the next chapter in my latest book? Maybe it’s best to just provide a snapshot image of one day, and today seems just as good as any to examine.

Today started out with me lying in bed trying to figure out how best to finish my latest book, Backwoods Justice, the sequel to my murder/suspense, Shadows on Iron Mountain (which will be released Summer 2014).

After two years of working on it I’m at the very end, but there’s a battle going on in my brain on how best to end it. There are three endings that I’m trying to choose from and I just can’t decide. And so I’m grinding it out today, staring at the keyboard, typing, erasing, typing, erasing. Fortunately I have exciting distractions such as taking out the trash and finally removing the pine straw and leaves that have been building up in my pool for the last month.

There’s just something about putting my hands in freezing pool water to remove slimy straw and leaves that just isn’t very appealing. It would be nice if the NFL playoffs were on today, so in case my brain can’t figure out how best to end the book, I’d have a good excuse to postpone writing until I can figure out just how to finish it. Does this sound a bit like procrastination to you? Hmmmm. I’m not familiar with that term. If you believe that, I’ve got some ocean front property in Iowa for sale.

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