Destination Imagination

Vinspire Publishing is Your Travel Guide to Adventure! And we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary on Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few of the interesting places our books will take you:

“A Portal in Time,”  set in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California on the Monterey Peninsula

The Highlands of Scotland, Winning the Highlander’s Heart, The Accidental Highland Hero

Jennifer Bryce, (Title Undecided), set in Eagle Creek, AZ, USA, 1948

Dead Man’s Fingers takes place in Savannah Georgia, voted the most haunted city in America. Be mindful where you tred…you walk upon Savannah’s Dead. (coming Oct 2014)

Christine Bailey’s Girl in the Middle takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Civil War battlefields for these three:
Gettysburg, PA for Lila’s Vow
Virginia for Jenny’s Passion
Maryland for Secrets and Sacrifices
Mexico and Las Vegas for Moonlight and Illusions\
San Francisco and Napa Valley wine country are the settings for MOONSEED trilogy: Bridge to the Past, Borrowed Promises, and Into the Mist.

Dark Music – resort hotel on a lake in the Canadian Rockies

Echoes in the Dark – an abandoned Victorian resort hotel in the Arkansas woods,
America Inc.-100 years in the future, around the world, where there are gated communities with palaces and the poor are locked in to apartments reeking of squalor
Goldeneyes is set in a few California locations, including Weedpatch, Springville and Porterville
Cotswolds region of England for A Sensible Match and Bath, England for Courting Constance
A Month of Tomorrows (coming in 2014)– Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee
A Passage Back — Columbia SC

And a small selection of our beautiful covers! Have you picked up your destination to imagination?

AmericaInc 453x680 (2) BorrowedPromises 500x750 (2)

BridgetothePast_200x300-1 (2) APairofWings2 500x750 (2)

SecretsandSacrifices 500x750 ForgetMeNot 1400x2100 (2)


CopperStar 500x750 (2) FlamefromWithin 500x750 (2)

DeadontheMoney 500x750 BalbenasGravemed


GirlintheMiddle 500x750 (2) MoonlighandIllusions 500x750 (2)

winninghh ladies_of_class

ThePathTaken  DarkMusic 500x750

ShadowFlesh 200x300 (1)


Vinspire Publishing


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