Nolan Carlson’s Start


I started writing over 30 years ago when I was in the army.  When I got out of the army I sent my manuscripts to a literary agent in New York (Glenn Cowley Agency).  They liked my work and agreed to represent me.  I soon sold YA books to Berkeley Publishing of N.Y. and E.P. Dutton of N.Y.

My books were also sold abroad and were featured in the Troll Book Club.  A set of my books were given to the Minister of Education of  Russia while he was in the U.S. visiting schools.  I have presented programs to over 200 schools in four states.

One of my books won first place in a state-wide m.s. contest.  I write primary YA but have recently written in other genres.  Five of my books are in the national AR program.

I was contracted with Vinspire about six years ago when they were expanding their genres into YA.  I have had five books published by Vinspire.  I have enjoyed my time with them and am excited by the increased  distribution to other countries.

Nolan Carlson

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