My Road to Success Started at Vinspire



2006 was my finally going to be my year! I just knew it. My childhood dream of writing a novel was coming true. With over fifty magazine and newspaper articles published, I figured I’d paid my dues and was ready to tear up the publishing world. The YA manuscript I’d worked on for over two years was complete, polished and ready to roll.


Now I just needed a publisher. And that was proving to be problematic.


My historical novel, influenced by my personal teenage faves, Catherine Marshall’s Christy, and Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, was turned down by potential publishers one after the other for nearly a year. It was too clean to be billed “secular” and too edgy for “religious.”


So The Distant Shore just sat collecting dust while my dreams began to disintegrate into the same.


Enter Dawn Carrington and her wonderful small press which at the time was known as Vintage Romance Publishing.


Dawn was looking to begin a YA line and I was completely thrilled when my book was chosen to be the first. The Distant Shore released in 2007 and was followed by a sequel, Billowing Sails, in 2008. These were soon joined by Grit for the Oyster: 250 Pearls of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers, a combo devo/how-to for writers that was one of Dawn’s first nonfiction projects under the Vintage Spirit label.


With three high quality Vintage (now Vinspire) books under my belt, it was easier to attract the attention of an agent, who was able to find traditional press buyers for my nonfiction women’s inspirational humor manuscripts (sadly, a genre not under Vinspire’s umbrella at the time).


Since that time, I’ve been busy traveling as a women’s event speaker and author. Eleven further women’s inspirational books have been published, I’ve been blessed with several literary awards, and one of my most popular books, Too Blessed to be Stressed, has given birth to six babies. These bouncing babies are adorable offspring products bearing their mother’s cover graphics, including 2014 and 2015 Too Blessed to be Stressed Planners, a TBTBS Perpetual Calendar, TBTBS Promise Book, TBTBS Journal and a TBTBS Spanish translation that’s being distributed internationally.


This year, I’m looking forward to the release of book #14, Too Loved to be Lost (fourth in my “Take On Life” series), in October. And I’ll always be grateful to Dawn and Vinspire for giving me such a great start.


Debora M. Coty

Award-winning author, humorist, columnist, speaker



One response to “My Road to Success Started at Vinspire

  1. This post is so inspirational! It tells me the writer has unlimited talent ( as well as gratitude) and that Dawn Carrington of Vinspire Publishing is visionary!

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