Tourist Season In Savannah

DMF-RiverStreet (2)


 My soon to be released YA paranormal book, Dead Man’s Fingers, takes place in Savannah Georgia. Savannah is an interesting place to visit and to live.


The month of May is the beginning of Tourist Season. I don’t know why they call it Tourist Season, it’s not like you can shoot them or anything like that. In Savannah we love our out-of-town guests. We greet them with a sincere southern greeting and say, “Welcome to our fine city. Where y’all from?”


I must have one of those friendly Savannah faces because tourists often approach me for information and directions. I find many visitors are looking for the same things: a good restaurant, the statue from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and the bench Forrest Gump sat on with his box of chocolates.


There are many good restaurants in Savannah and each one is unique with diverse menu choices, ambience, and sometimes even a resident ghost. My favorite places are: The Pink House, Local 11ten, Leoci’s, NobleFare, and a bunch of others.


The Bird Girl Statue from The Book is in The Telfair Museum. After the success of the book, they moved the statue from Bonaventure Cemetery to protect it. Now visitors pay to see the Bird Girl, and photos are not permitted.


The bench Forrest Gump sat on was a movie prop. It is in The History Museum in the Visitors Center. His suitcase is also on display, but I think someone ate the chocolates.


There are many other interesting things about Savannah that are too many to mention, but visitors to our fine city will most defiantly not miss our genuine southern hospitality.


And I don care if it is Tourists Season in Savannah I could never shoot one. They are just too darn cute.

JK Bovi


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