People often ask where I get my ideas for the books I write and the various genres.  I tell them that much of it is imagination as well as personal experience or something that just pops into my head as perhaps being the means of a good book.  Many have called me a story teller and I think I like that title.  I have had 20 books published over my career.

The Summer & Shiner series (six books in the series) comes from my boy hood growing up in a small town at the base of the Flint Hills in Kansas.  We played hard but we also worked hard.  We had two boys’ clubs in that town: my club called the Mustangs and sort of a rival club called the Spiders.  We were rivals in a sense although nothing ever got out of hand.  It was great growing up back then: a simpler time much like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Most of the events in the series come from true life adventure.  I still yearn for those times even now.  And my book called Balbena’s Grave came from an idea as I was mowing our local cemetery.  I noticed this neglected stone dated way-back-when with a girl named Balbena on the inscription.  The poor girl had only lived to be sixteen.  No one ever placed flowers on her grave. It read: May Her Soul Rise to Heaven.

Around Memorial Day I would always pick a bouquet of peonies from the cemetery and lay them on the stone in her memory.  This planted the “seed” for the Young Adult paranormal of “Balbena’s Grave”.


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One response to “Imagination

  1. Nolan, what a beautiful story about Balbena. And how wonderful that you’ve been gifted to share your rich experiences with others through storytelling. Congratulations on your success!

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