Tybee Time Warp

DMF-Tybee (2)



by JK Bovi


People who feel the desire to drive east of Savannah Georgia on Route 80 and not stop until they get to the end of the road find themselves at Tybee Island. (Pronounced Tie-bee)


Tybee is a throwback to the 60’s and a refuge for old hippies, artists, fishermen, and sea turtles. Tybrisa Street is the main drag which is approximately one block long. Many a tourist, expecting the glitter and glitz of Myrtle Beach, have been overheard asking, “Is this it? Is this all there is?” Obviously they must have sunstroke or something and can’t see the pier, pavilion, Seaside Sweets, T.S. Chu’s, Aloha Gifts, Lighthouse Pizza or Spanky’s. They don’t know that, somewhere between Fort Pulaski and The Crab Shack they drove through the Tybee Time Warp.


Annual events at Tybee include; fireworks, Beach Bum Parade, Flotillas for Loggerheads, fireworks, Mermaid Parade, Beach Bash, fireworks, Orange Crush, Pirate Fest, fireworks, and a bunch of running-for-something-to-save-something races.


No matter what is happening at Tybee it will be done with flip-flops, Bermuda shorts, a beach towel, and a beach chair to lay back in. And as a matter of fact Tybee is so laid-back that it takes you to a bygone era which is hard to come back from. Some people never escape Tybee and take up photography, wind surfing, yoga, or kayaking. Other people get in their cars, drive west on route 80, and somewhere between The Crab Shack and Fort Pulaski they warp back to reality.


Tybee residents debated putting up a Tybee Time Warp warning sign, but they put up a digital flashing “watch your speed” sign instead. Now, moments before visitors warp through time they can see how fast they were going seconds before they got that speeding ticket. Apparently, no matter how much time is distorted, there are some things that never change.


Visit Tybee Beach and experience the 60’s all over again. And while you’re lounging in your beach chair be sure to bring along one of Vinspire’s great books to read, including my soon to be released Deadly Seriously Fun book, Dead Man’s Fingers.



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