Writer’s Block

by AE Weber


Writer’s block.  Ugh.  I have it, and it is the first times in years that I have had to endure a complete writer’s shut down.  In the past, writers block has sneakily tiptoed into my grey matter after a few pages.  Or chapters.


But I have never sat down to write, in front of a blank, fresh piece of paper, without getting anything down.  But, this summer, I have sat down to write only to spend an entire hour staring at flattened wood pulp.  Is it possible my cranium houses a head still too engaged in my last novel? That the lure of the ocean and the fresh air of summer is all too distracting?


Perhaps I’ve had too much time to spend in my ontological musings and my inner philosopher has thought-blocked my inner fiction writer.  Whatever the reason, I need to find a way to rekindle my inner storyteller before I lose my story.


I began a great story about a fairy who falls in love with a wizard, an allegory for how the first world plunders the third world.  A part of me feels that it is too Harry Potterish without being anything like Harry Potter, and perhaps this has thwarted my ability to spindle a tale.


Or perhaps I am too engrossed in my political opinions to just feel the story and let all that I have internalized create the story for me.  That is what I am going to do.  Try more feeling.  Perhaps some pineapple wine will aid me along on this feeling/writing journey.  Just a glass.  Cheers to curing writer’s block!

Coming soon from AE Weber

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