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Guatemala for Research by H. Schussman

img_20130915_110013_333-1El Tiburon (The Shark) was the second of the McGee spy series. The main characters, Sean and Sport, have a knack for getting in trouble. Quite honestly, they are fun to write about… Especially Sport. She is a feisty, athletic, physician, and she can usually take care of herself. She’s extremely independent, but when she is kidnapped by a drug boss and dragged south to Guatemala she must depend on others to survive.

She escapes the drug lord’s compound and hides in a garbage can. On garbage collection day. The garbage collectors toss her into the dump truck and haul her off to the Guatemala City Garbage Dump. She’s rescued by a group of Guajeros.

This is where the research became intense.img_20130916_112841_607

Let me give some of my background. My husband and I have been to Guatemala several times. In fact we’ve had a seven-month long exchange pastor. What’s that? Periodically churches will send a junior pastor to the states to make connections and to learn new things (and teach us new things). We are known for our spare room. I’ve lost count of how many people have lived at our home in the last thirty years. So Marvin came for seven months followed by his sister Karina for four months. We flew to Guatemala for Marvin’s wedding, in which we were the God-parents (a big deal in Guate). Each time we’ve gone we’ve stayed for a month to go to language school, and to loaf around as only Americans can do. As I write this, Karina—my Guatemalan ‘daughter’, is sitting across from me at my kitchen table. She came for a Christmas visit.

So I know Guatemala fairly well. El Tiburon takes place in Antigua, a town I know. The wine bar, the restaurants, the textile shops, the rock-n-roll bar, are all real places. So research was easy for Antigua.

The garbage dump is a different story. This is a tremendously sad story of a people group who’ve lived for generations inside the dump, subsiding off the refuse and money from recyclable garbage. Their homes are made of discarded metal sheets and wood sticks. Last count there were about eleven thousand people living there… six thousand of whom are children. Now the research had to kick into high gear. The Guatemalan government isn’t proud of this community. Many years ago a magazine did a story on these people and there was a general uproar from human rights activists around the world. The result? The government built a wall through the dump to separate the Guajeros from their dump. Now the government can honestly say, “No people live in the dump!” So they crawl through the fence and resume their work. The community is officially called La Limonada. It is extremely difficult to go there and help these people. To visit you must have a guide, which I couldn’t manage.


My story celebrates the strength of the Guajeros. I chose to make them the heroes and characters with integrity. They rescue and protect Sport. In exchange she provides medical attention and education. The little school, Vidas Plenas, is real, but I’ve never been there so its description is a figment of my imagination. Their struggle is real. The harvesting of their youth for gangs is real. Their medical issues are real. I don’t know that I’ve ever enjoyed writing about a group more in my life. It was incredibly challenging to place my main character there.

Currently there are several groups working with the Guajeros. There is much to be done, but it’s almost impossible to help them. The best way is to provide education and continue the fight against drugs. It makes me sad to think of the reality. The only way I could make the situation known was through my story-telling. Let me know what you think after you read El Tiburon.

Book Birthday: The Remarkable Housewives of the Bible



The housewives are here! And these aren’t your ordinary housewives, either. These are the scintillating women whose lives were revealed in the pages of God’s Word! Get to know Eve, Ruth, Martha, Delilah, and Hannah in this first installment of The Remarkable Housewives of the Bible by Erin Brown Hollis! Available now!  

theremarkablehousewives 1400x2100

Setting Goals

A new year creates new excitement. Goals are set, resolutions are made, and changes are expected. We don’t always achieve what we set out to do, but we keep trying. As the old saying goes, nothing beats a failure but a try. So every year, people will set goals, make resolutions, and expect to see some positive changes in their lives as a result.

Happy New Year

While we don’t set resolutions here, we do set goals, and we’re happy to say that, in 2018, we achieved 55% of our goals. It’s not a perfect score, of course, but we’ll take it. In 2019, we’re aiming for 100% once again.

We have AMAZING things planned this coming year, and while not all of them may come to fruition, that won’t stop us from giving it the old college try. This year, we want to do more than just sell books. We want to help build authors whose careers will take this world by storm. We want to do more for charity than we’ve ever done. And we want to make sure that every author published with Vinspire Publishing is proud to have their name on one of our covers.

We’ve got some pretty lofty goals set so check back often to see how well we’re doing! And Happy New Year!

Call for submissions: We’re looking for romance!

But not just any romance. We’re looking for romances with mature couples over the age of forty-five. We’ve seen the news stories of high school sweethearts being reunited after fifty years. Now we want to read them in our books! Mature African American couple laughing and hugging.

We’ll accept most sub-genres, including romantic suspense, contemporary romance, inspirational romance, and historical romance as long as the hero and heroine are both over the age of forty-five at the beginning of the story.

Happy mature couple outdoors.

We know that neither life nor love stops at middle age, and we want our readers to find hope in our stories. So give us your tales of reconnecting sweethearts or first-time loves. We want to read about a woman finding love for the first time at sixty or a lifelong bachelor getting swept off his feet at sixty-five.

old couple dance in park

Don’t just rely on the tried and true methods of uniting couples. Challenge yourself to create unique scenarios that takes us all by surprise. Show us men and women in the prime of their lives. They can either be still working, volunteering, or retired, but they must still be actively living their lives. They may not even be looking for romance, but it’s looking for them!

For complete guidelines and submission details, visit our website at http://www.vinspirepublishing/submissions. We’ll officially open to these romances on January 15, 2019!

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your book!

COVER REVEAL: Beyond Cabin Fourteen

BeyondCabinFourteen 500x750 (1)


A middle-grade novel for the kid in all of us! Beyond Cabin Fourteen releases February 28, 2019!

5-Star Review for Forsaken by Gina Detwiler

Forsaken 3D


Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite5star-shiny-web

Grace Fortune knows that her boyfriend is dead and she watched him die, but then she continues to hear his voice. Is she going nuts or did he really die? How about the boy who walks and acts like him, the boy who seems connected with the homeless man that Grace suspects to be her father? Grace has many questions about Jared Lorn’s death and as she and her friends begin to investigate, they are plunged into a world filled with mystery and darkness — Silo City. Grace is caught up in a web of conspiracy involving her mother, the boyfriend who died, and a rock star called Lester Crow. It’s a world where nothing is as it seems and where darkness lurks at every turn. When her life is in the gravest danger, Grace finds revelations that are mind-blowing.

Forsaken is the second book in the Forlorn Series by Gina Detwiler, an interesting paranormal tale with dark themes and romance. Gina Detwiler is a great writer with a gift for plot and character. Her characters are real and she does an impeccable job in exploring their hearts. The author allows readers to feel the conflict in the characters. The prose is highly descriptive, and while it offers vivid images of the setting to readers, it gives a clear view of characterization and the action taking place. For instance, when Grace talks about Ollie, she describes him as “a tuba player for the school orchestra. He’s kind of shaped like a tuba, rounded and flaring in all the wrong places, with a mop of shaggy hair that sticks up every which way, like he’s been recently electrocuted.” The prose itself is enjoyable, the writing deft and balanced. Forsaken is a great story for readers who love emotionally rich stories with quick action and a powerful conflict. A gripping tale that features supernatural powers colliding with each other.

Book Birthday: The Rainbow With Dull Colros

Today is the official release of The Rainbow with Dull Colors by J.J. Johnston!

Cover Art Redone

Being a small rainbow with dull colors doesn’t make Archie feel special. He believes changing who he is is the only way to be better, but after God calls him for a special mission, Archie wonders if he can fulfill his purpose by just being himself.

Buy your copy today!