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Meet the Author: Carmela Martino

April offers two chances to meet Carmela Martino, the author of the award-winning novel, Playing by Heart!

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Carmela will be presenting her popular Turning Life into Fiction workshop at the Fremont Library in Mundelein, IL on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, from 7-8:30 pm. The workshop is free but registration is required. See:


At 1:30 pm Saturday, April 27, Carmela will be participating in an author panel at the Wheaton, Il Library Author Fest, a fun event for writers and readers of all ages. Details at

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Book Birthday: International Mission Force Series

The first three books in Felicia Bridges’ International Mission Force series are now available in one book bundle for only $3.99!

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Journey around the world with the teens from the International Mission Force series. Join them in the Czech Republic, Bolivia, and Africa as they face their greatest trials as Christians and learn what it really means to trust God with everything.

This three-book bundle contains the first three books in the series, Czechmate, BoliviaKnight, and KenyaQuest.


Exciting News: Translation Rights Sold!

We are thrilled to announce the sale of the Italian translation rights of Girl in the Middle , a young adult contemporary novel, by Christine Bailey to Federica Franceschelli of Cignonero S.R.L!

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Fifteen-year-old Skye, the middle child, finds herself wishing for a new life-one that doesn’t include daily harassment from the in-crowd at Highland Creek High School. Skye barely survived freshman year. She only did because her best friend, Goose, a semi-popular fellow band geek, was by her side. But when their sophomore year starts, Goose ditches Skye for a new crowd.

Cast into a lone existence at Highland Creek, Skye wishes for a touch of extraordinary that everyone, except her, seems to have. Her older sister, Sara Elizabeth, has it. Goose is getting close to it, and even her little sister is wildly popular in junior high. Skye would do almost anything to cast off her ordinary life…but at what price?

When her older sister goes missing without a trace, Skye gets her wish…but it’s not exactly what she had in mind. And when she questions Bryan, the senior class renegade and also the last person to be seen with her sister, she finds something she never quite expected.

Meet the Author of Dragon’s Truth, Leanne M. Pankuch

On April 13, 2019, Leanne M. Pankuch, the author of the just-released young adult fantasy, Dragon’s Truth, will be presenting and signing books at Kids Read: A Book Festival, an event sponsored by Poughkeepsie Public Library District.

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Meet the Author of Healer— Susan Miura

Mark your calendars! Susan Miura, author of the inspirational young adult series, Healer, is presenting and appearing at the following where she’ll also be signing books!  Visit her schedule at her website for complete details!
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April 4 – Presentation: “A Taste of the Smoky Mountains,” Lake Geneva Library in Lake Geneva, WI.
April 13 – Workshop: “Nail that Pitch: How to Talk to Agents and Editors” at the Schaumburg Township Library, Schaumburg IL. This is part of the “Inside Writing and Publishing” series of workshops that takes place each Spring in the Chicago suburbs.
June 1 – Authorfest: Literati Festival featuring Italian-American authors at Casa Italia, Stone Park, IL. Book signing and presentation.

Our First Instagram Giveaway Is Open

Instagram Only April

It’s the first of the month, and we’re starting our Instagram giveaways. This month, we’re giving away a Charleston 1670 kitchen towel, a Charleston 1670 coaster, a “Be Happy” magnet, chocolates, mini-frames, and a decorative starfish from Charleston. 

You don’t have to follow us on Instagram to enter, but we wouldn’t mind! 

Book Birthday: Dragon’s Truth by Leanne M. Pankuch

Dragon’s Truth is now available! We’re so excited about the release of this young adult fantasy! With dragons, battles between good and evil, and magical powers, it takes you into a creative world the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Pick up your copy today!

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Fourteen-year-old Rhyannon loves running in the woods and dreams of dragons, wizards, and magic. Overshadowed by her beautiful sister Elspeth, she longs to escape the ordinary future that awaits. When her mysterious uncle arrives at the castle, Rhyan thinks this could finally be her chance at adventure. But her hopes are dashed when her uncle reveals that it is Elspeth who has inherited the family’s ancient magical power.

Rhyan hardly has time to be jealous before Elspeth is kidnapped, and their uncle goes missing. On the long journey to find Elspeth and face the evil threatening her world, Rhyan unexpectedly finds friendship, love, and the magic and power she’s been craving. But just as she begins to let herself believe in the future she’s dreamt of, she discovers that she holds not only her family’s legacy of magic – but a dark and growing power that threatens to consume her.

To save the lives of her sister, her friends, and her love, Rhyan descends beneath the mountain of Windover Tor to face her greatest challenge. As the forces of good and evil meet on the battlefield above her,she walks the circuits of an ancient labyrinth to confront those same forces inside herself. Can she save Elspeth and control her growing power? And when she faces the final test, will she choose pain and the path of light or slip into the dragon’s darkness?