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Book Birthday for Where You Lead by Leslea Wahl

Where 3D

Sixteenn-year-old Eve Donahue’s lonely existence changes in an instant when visions of a mysterious stranger haunt her. Certain God is calling her for a mission, she bravely says yes and begins her quest to meet this young man.

Thousands of miles away, Nick Hammond has been dealing with his own unusual experience, an unwavering certainty to convince his father to run for political office.

When these two unlikely teens finally meet, their belief that God has called them to work together sets them on a journey of faith to untangle a web of deception involving international trade agreements, lost confederate gold, and a blossoming romance. As they follow century old clues, they realize God can call us all in big and small ways. We just need to listen and say “Yes Lord, I will go where You lead.”

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Do you know what today is?

It’s National Read a Book Day, and as a publishing company, we can tell you this is one of our favorite days! I’ll bet you can guess why!

National Read a Book

Today is all about reading, whether it’s a paperback book, an ebook, or an audiobook, it’s a great day to pick up a novel or a non-fiction title and let the words entertain you, encourage you, and enlighten you!

Happy Labor Day!

Today we celebrate the hardworking people that keep the wheels of our nation spinning. Every person, no matter the job, is important to our economy and our way of life. And they deserve our thanks. So if you find yourself in a business today, make sure to wish the employees a special Happy Labor Day. Happy Labor Day

Forsaken by Gina Detwiler Releases Today!

Forsaken 3DAnother battle of good vs evil is brewing, and your favorite characters from the 1st book in the Forlorn series have returned to fight the good fight!

He was forsaken but not forgotten.

Nine months have passed since Grace Fortune saw the boy she loves, Jared Lorn, die before her eyes. But Grace’s suspicions have her wondering if Jared really dead. Along with her friends, she sets out to find answers, and the investigation leads to an unexpected place: Silo City, an abandoned silo complex that houses as many dark secrets as it does forsaken people.

Very much alive, Jared’s on a mission to save the girl he loves by collaborating with the enemy—a young, brash rock star named Lester Crow who fronts the punk metal band Blood Moon. Jared’s “deal with the devil” will take him on a cross-country journey into the heartland of darkness. The music of Blood Moon is a weapon against God, and Jared must wield this weapon while trying desperately to preserve his mind and soul from its power.

Jared and Grace are desperate to be reunited, but first, they must defeat the demonic forces arrayed against them. And pray that Jared, a Nephilim forsaken in God’s eyes, has a chance at a future.

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The Spirits Are Back!

Bound Spirits, the 3rd book in the Restless Spirits series, is now available, and it’s bringing more spirits with it!

Bound 3d

When her dad and his annoying girlfriend announce their engagement, Chris Wilson isn’t exactly thrilled. As if getting roped into bridesmaid duty for a future step-mom she can’t stand isn’t bad enough, Chris is stunned when Marsha accuses Chris’s deceased mother of trying to ruin the wedding.

Certain their mother moved on to the Great Beyond long ago, the Wilson sisters investigate who—or what—is really out to get Marsha. With marriage fever making everyone crazy, can the sisters get to the bottom of this haunting in time to save the wedding? And do they even want to?

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Answering Your Questions About Our One-Day Only Submission Event

On October 1, 2018, we are once again opening to unagented submissions, and we’re already getting questions. We’re hoping we answer most of them here, but you can always contact us at with any others!

October 1st Opening

  • Can I submit more than one book? No. We ask that authors choose their best book to submit.
  • Can I submit if my book is not completed? You may submit the 1st three chapters; however, the book needs to be completed in the event we ask for the full so you may only have less than a month to finish the book.
  • What formats do you accept? We accept doc, docx, and pdf.
  • Why are you asking for a marketing plan? We ask authors to be as committed to marketing and promoting as we are, and we’d like to see what plans you have if your book were to be accepted.
  • Why are you only accepting certain genres this time? We want to include more diversity in our catalog. We are also looking to add historical romances that fit within a certain timeline as they have proven to be popular.
  • What if I get an agent after this book is accepted? Will you work with my agent? Since this is a submission event for unagented authors, the book you submit must remain unagented so at to be equitable for the other authors. You are, however, free to have an agent or lawyer review the contract if an offer of acceptance is made.
  • What if something happens, and I miss the window? Is there still a way for me to submit? Unfortunately, no. To be fair to everyone submitting, once the deadline has passed, we will not accept any additional submissions.
  • How soon will I know if my book has been accepted? We hope to have responses to every submission within three months; however, we may require additional time.
  • If I have more questions, who do I contact? You can send an email to

We Could Be Sweeping The CALA Awards

For the first time ever, we have three books up for CALA Awards in the only two categories. In case you aren’t familiar with them, the CALA Awards are the Catholic Arts and Letters Awards presented by the Catholic Writers Guild. The winners will be announced on August 1st, and we’re so proud of our authors who are finalists!