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Daily Herald recognizes Signs in the Dark by Susan Miura

Signs in the Dark by Susan Miura is a young adult thriller, unlike Miura’s previous two books, Healer and Shards of Light that were released by Vinspire Publishing.

The Daily Herald provides some must-read information about the book as well as a some insight from the author that will make you want to read this book even more.

Hispanic and Deaf high school students from Schaumburg and Hersey High Schools provided insight on the main characters, and Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue served as the inspiration for the story’s fictional wildlife sanctuary.

You can read the article in its entirety here. And you buy a copy of Signs in the Dark here.

A Great Review for The Mystery of the Painted Book

Book Nook Bits recently reviewed The Mystery of the Painted Book, the first in the International Agents of Intrigue series by K.S. Mitchell. This was perfect timing considering the second book in the series, The Mystery of the Golden Ball, just released on September 15th.

We’re always thankful to book reviewers, and we’re grateful to Book Nook Bits for taking the time to read The Mystery of the Painted Book and for posting her review!

Read more first paragraphs!

We’re sharing the first paragraph from some of our books, but you can read the entire first chapters of all of our books on Wattpad.

We’re so excited about these covers!

As we mentioned back in June, our first Christmas anthology is coming in November. The three holiday romance novellas will release one week apart from one another beginning November 2nd, and the paperback will release on November 23rd. The novellas should all be available for pre-order on October 15th.

In anticipation of their releases, takes a look at the beautiful covers these novellas are sporting!

We’re really excited about these novellas and the anthology to come, and we’ve already started sharing excerpts of this contemporary romances on Wattpad! You can follow us there to read more chapters of our books.

First paragraphs from two more must-reads—Turning in Circles and El Tiburon

We originally shared these on First Paragraph Fridays on our Instagram!

Did you know…

that you can read the first chapter of all our books (except novellas for which we upload excerpts only) on Wattpad? We usually upload them long before the book’s release so you’ll have the chance to try before you buy!

Below are some newly-added chapters! Go have a look!

Join Us on Pinterest!

We’re building up our Pinterest boards and would love to have you join us! One of our favorite boards is All About Our Books. You can learn everything there is to know about our books, well, practically everything. Just take a look at some of the news and tidbits we have already shared! And it’s not just us sharing! Our authors share new information about their latest book, giveaways, and website updates!

Ready for some first paragraphs? Angelhood & The Thorn Bearer

One of the best ways to find a new book you like or a new favorite author is to look inside the book. We’re making it easy for you by sharing some first paragraphs from some of our books!

We originally shared these on First Paragraph Fridays on our Instagram!

Introducing Robin Dunne

As we announced last week, Vinspire has acquired the rights to the novelization of Robin Dunne’s script, Christmas on Mistletoe Lake. Robin will also be penning the novel, and we want to introduce you to our newest author!

Robin’s acting career began in 1998, when he landed a role in the John Woo produced blockbuster The Big Hit opposite Mark Wahlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips. Since then, Dunne’s other feature film credits include Borderline Normal, The Snow Walker, Devil In The Dark, Space Milkshake, Torment, and Just Friends. His television work includes roles on Manchester Prep, Dawson’s Creek, CSI Miami, NCIS, Dead Like Me, Defiance, and the Netflix series October Faction, as well a lead roles in the television films Sound of Christmas, Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery, and On The Twelfth Day of Christmas, the latter of which he also co-wrote.

In 2008, Robin landed the starring role in the SyFy Channel’s hit series Sanctuary that ran for four seasons. He also directed on the series, which launched his career as a writer/director. To date, Robin has also written and directed the feature films A.R.C.H.I.E and A.R.C.H.I.E 2 (both featuring the voice of Michael J. Fox) as well as Welcome To Nowhere, which he also starred in alongside Sara Canning.

Most recently, Robin directed the movie-of-the-week, The Magical Christmas Shoes for Lifetime. Coming up in 2020, Robin is slated to direct the Lifetime MOW Christmas on Mistletoe Lake from his own script.

Look What’s in Audio!

Mama in the Holler by Jaime McKoy!

What makes life in the holler so special in a little girl’s eyes? The smell of homemade biscuits, chasing chickens in the yard, and helping MaMa with her daily chores always make for a fun visit. But the greatest gift of all is knowing how much she’s loved and that every moment s

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