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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July

Please have a safe and happy Independence Day! 

What Does Valentine’s Day Mean To You?

ValentineIs Valentine’s Day a day for sharing romantic dinners and chocolates with the one you love? Or is it a quiet evening on the sofa, holding hands with your spouse?

Valentine’s Day has so many different meanings for people as does the inspiration behind it. And though it’s typically for romance, it’s not just for people with significant others. As such, there is no “right” way to spend the day.

When you hear “Valentine’s Day”, it’s easy to conjure pictures of roses, couples holding hands, and long dances in the moonlight. But if you don’t have a romantic partner, does that mean you shouldn’t celebrate the holiday? No, because you don’t need to be in love to celebrate love.

Enjoy an ice cream cone with your grandmother, record your niece’s ballet recital as you cheer her on from the audience, help your best friend with a task he/she has been putting off, or share a few laughs with your sibling.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t exclude anyone who hasn’t yet fallen in love. Instead, it should be used to celebrate love that is important to every one of us.

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Setting Goals

A new year creates new excitement. Goals are set, resolutions are made, and changes are expected. We don’t always achieve what we set out to do, but we keep trying. As the old saying goes, nothing beats a failure but a try. So every year, people will set goals, make resolutions, and expect to see some positive changes in their lives as a result.

Happy New Year

While we don’t set resolutions here, we do set goals, and we’re happy to say that, in 2018, we achieved 55% of our goals. It’s not a perfect score, of course, but we’ll take it. In 2019, we’re aiming for 100% once again.

We have AMAZING things planned this coming year, and while not all of them may come to fruition, that won’t stop us from giving it the old college try. This year, we want to do more than just sell books. We want to help build authors whose careers will take this world by storm. We want to do more for charity than we’ve ever done. And we want to make sure that every author published with Vinspire Publishing is proud to have their name on one of our covers.

We’ve got some pretty lofty goals set so check back often to see how well we’re doing! And Happy New Year!