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Charleston, SC, July 13, 2020– Vinspire Publishing has acquired the rights to the novelization of Christmas at Mistletoe Lake, a made-for-tv movie script written by Canadian actor Robin Dunne.

The novelization will be written by Robin Dunne who penned the original script. This will be Vinspire Publishing’s first full-length Christmas novel as well as the first acquisition of a novel based upon a screenplay.

Robin Dunne, a Leo-award winning actor, has had several starring roles in various holiday movies as well as previous roles in the Syfy drama Sanctuary and the recent Netflix series, October Faction.  He also co-wrote the Roxy Hunter franchise for Nickelodeon and co-authored the novels for the franchise as well.

Penned as The Holiday meets Message in a Bottle, Christmas at Mistletoe Lake will appeal to viewers of contemporary holiday movies set in quaint towns and lovers of wholesome romances during the Christmas season. While the movie, which is produced by Chesler/Perlmutter Productions and will be directed by Robin Dunne, is tentatively set to begin filming this fall for a Christmas 2020 release, the novel is set to release on November 30. Prior to the book’s release, readers can expect behind-the-scenes videos from Dunne that will look at the transformation from script to novel, his writing process, and, potentially, scenes from the set during filming.  

Vinspire Publishing focuses on publishing genre fiction and non-fiction titles for the entire family. Its entire catalog is available online at and books are distributed nationally through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Vinspire Publishing is Participating In Romance Slam Jam

For the first time, we’re excited to announce that editor-in-chief, Dawn Carrington, will be participating in the Romance Slam Jam Convention, which is being held virtually this year ( from June 24-June 28.

Dawn will be on the Ask an Editor panel on Wednesday, June 24th from 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. and then she will be taking pitches on Thursday, June 25th from 5:00p.m.-6:00 p.m. where we’ll be looking for Christian African-American romances as well as interracial romances!

We’re excited about this opportunity! For more information on the convention, visit

Did you know….?

that you can find our books on This is an easy way for you to find our books at your favorite, independent bookstore, usually ones that are close to your house!


We’ll be adding links to our website to make it easier for you to find our books directly. In the meantime, you can head on over there to find a bookstore close to you, see the indie bestsellers, and check out the Indie Next List which are recommendations from independent booksellers.

We’ve worked with a lot of independent bookstores over the years, and we’re happy to have built a relationship with them, many of which have continued to buy our books for the past ten plus years! That’s why we’re going to make it easy for you to go right to IndieBound from our website.


Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Following Our Blog

If you’ve been following us on Instagram (@vinspirepublishing), you’ll know that we’ve been doing monthly giveaways. What does that have to do with our blog? We’re starting the giveaways here as well. Different prizes and different ways to win, but you have to be following to be included in the drawings!

Okay, so that’s the #1 reason you should be following our blog. What are the other reasons?

Follow Our Blog

2. We let you know here long before we open to submissions. So if you’re a writer looking to submit a book to us, then following us is a must!

3.  We’re give you plenty of  chances to get to know our authors and keep you up-to-date with the many ways you can meet them!

4.  If one of our books wins an award, you’ll find it here first! Actually, you’ll get the best information about our books right here as we post it here first.

5.  Once a year, we’re going to have a HUGE giveaway that includes books, gift cards, cookies, chocolate, unique gifts, and so much more!

So now that you know the reasons, follow us here!

Instagram Giveaways!

Our Instagram is getting more active! We’re gaining new followers every day, and we don’t want you to miss out. We have so much to share in the coming months, the first of which is our Instagram Giveaways!

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While we’ll be giving away books, we’ll also be giving away souvenirs from Charleston, SC (where we’re located), specialty treats that can only be found here, hand-drawn art, signed book cover flats, and even more! The list is too long to share here, but we’ve already started stocking our giveaway basket so you’ll want to follow us on Instagram to get in on the fun!


Do You Know About “Suggest Me A Book?”

Sometimes, you know you want to read, and you have a vague idea what you want to read, but you just don’t know the book. Reddit to the rescue! The popular site has a thread for just such a conundrum.  It’s called “Suggest Me a Book” and allows users to post the types of books they want to read, even specific books like those that revolve around a French village or books that have a glitch in the matrix and anything in between.

Books 1

So if you’re looking for a specific book, let the 368,000 people in this community help you out. If you’re an author, go make suggestions! It’s a great way to meet people and to talk about what we love to talk about—reading books!

Setting Goals

A new year creates new excitement. Goals are set, resolutions are made, and changes are expected. We don’t always achieve what we set out to do, but we keep trying. As the old saying goes, nothing beats a failure but a try. So every year, people will set goals, make resolutions, and expect to see some positive changes in their lives as a result.

Happy New Year

While we don’t set resolutions here, we do set goals, and we’re happy to say that, in 2018, we achieved 55% of our goals. It’s not a perfect score, of course, but we’ll take it. In 2019, we’re aiming for 100% once again.

We have AMAZING things planned this coming year, and while not all of them may come to fruition, that won’t stop us from giving it the old college try. This year, we want to do more than just sell books. We want to help build authors whose careers will take this world by storm. We want to do more for charity than we’ve ever done. And we want to make sure that every author published with Vinspire Publishing is proud to have their name on one of our covers.

We’ve got some pretty lofty goals set so check back often to see how well we’re doing! And Happy New Year!

We’re working on a deal!

We’re working on a deal that will expand the reach of our titles across the world, and we’re really excited! Details coming soon! #success #nevergiveup

Our Newsletter is accepting followers!

For the first few years of our business, we sent out newsletters every month. Time passed, and things got in the way. Unfortunately, we let the newsletter lapse. Recently, we’ve rectified that mistake.

In the coming months, we have some exciting things planned for Vinspire and our readers, and many of those changes will be announced in our newsletter first, giving you the opportunity to know in advance, and possibly, win first.

So sign up now! Here’s the link:



Announcing the winner

The winner of our giveaway for our Book Video contest is Carol L.

Carol, send an e-mail to with your post included for verification purposes as well as your book choices and your mailing address.

Thanks for letting us know what you thought about the video!

And thanks to everyone who participated! Check back for our next giveaway soon!