Another 3-book Contract With Christine Bailey

ChristineWe’re happy to announce that our current author, Christine Bailey, has signed a three-book contract with us for the publication of a middle grade series—The Scroll Wars. The first book, Canon Quest, is the story of a twelve-year-old boy who gets stuck inside an intense video game that’s based on one of his mother’s favorite books.

Christine’s first book with Vinspire Publishing, a young adult contemporary novel, Girl in the Middle, was published in 2013 and was followed by The Broken One, Waking Under Water, and The Letter Project.  Three of Christine’s novels were just contracted for translation and publication in Italy.

Introducing Our Newest Author—Laurie Stroup Smith

We’re excited to welcome Laurie Stroup Smith to our growing list of authors! Laurie has signed a three-book contract with us for an Amish series tentatively titled “Pocket Quilt” that invites readers into the life of a teenager during her Rumspringa journey.


Laurie Stroup Smith after signing her contract with Vinspire Publishing!

To learn more about Laurie and her journey to publication, visit her creative website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

Book Birthday: Rebekah’s Quilt

Rebekah’s Quilt

Book 1, Rebekah’s Keepsakes

by Sara Harris

RebekahsQuilt 500x750A sweet and gentle love blossoms between Rebekah Stoll and her childhood friend Joseph Graber, despite attempts by her saucy nemesis, Katie Knepp, to sway the young man’s affections her way.

When Joseph hints at the promise of forever, Rebekah is positive she should say yes to his proposal – until a mysterious English stranger shows up at her homestead and sets everything she thought she knew about her world on end.

Book Cover Reveal: Forgiven by Gina Detwiler

The third and final installment of the Forlorn series will release at the end of July, but you can see the wonderful cover now! Let us know what you think!

Forgiven 500x750

More Translation Rights Sold!

We are thrilled to announce the additional sales of the Italian translation rights of two of Christine Bailey’s young adult novels, The Broken One and Waking Under Water to Federica Franceschelli of Cignonero S.R.L!

The Broken One 3D

Sixteen-year-old Farris is picking up the pieces after the untimely death of her best friend. But even one year later, she can’t seem to find “normal” again—not until Lane Evans pops back into her life and pushes her to face reality.

When he offers her the chance to find the truth, Farris fears what will surface. Is it too much too





Waking 3D

Sixteen-year-old Mia Hughes is not really a bad girl. She’s just made one bad decision after another, like mixing in with the wrong crowd and disappearing for days at a time. Her latest move has forced her parents to do the unthinkable—send her away to boarding school. Trying to make sense of her new world, far away from Pittsburgh, is only half the battle for Mia as she fights to survive the wicked ways of the rich, spoiled kids at Galt Academy. But Mia is a fighter, and when she befriends junior Lucas Dunlap, the cute coffee shop guy, and his friend Natalie, things start to look up for her—until the betrayal.

After falling into a deep depression, Mia resorts to the one thing she does best: running away. There’s only one problem—Lucas has a hold on her. And just when Mia thinks life can’t get any more complicated, it does with some life-changing news. Can Mia keep her head above water long enough to survive the pressures of her new school? And will Lucas be there when she finally comes up for air, once and for all?


Meet the Author: Leanne Pankuch

Meet Leanne Pankuch

What We’re Giving Away on Instagram!

Instagram Giveway May

This month, we’re giving away a power pack to charge your phone, a God magnet, notecards, a change purse, and a wall hook! There are three ways to enter, and two of them get you an additional entry! So head on over to our Instagram feed to enter!