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Book Birthday: Plain Truth by Susan Lantz Simpson

Now Available!

The final installment in the Plainly Maryland series!

PlainTruth 500x750


When items go missing from the bakery where KatieAnn Mast whips up her special treats, evidence points to her as the thief. All will be forgiven if she confesses before her Persimmon Creek Amish community and promises to mend her ways. But KatieAnn is not guilty, and she refuses to kneel in confession to a crime she did not commit. Wouldn’t lying be as bad as stealing?

To avoid shunning, KatieAnn travels to the Southern Maryland Amish community where her older sister, Rebecca, lives with her husband and six children. As the holidays approach, KatieAnn is helping out at the family’s community store and developing a romance with Luke Troyer when items go missing from the store.

How will KatieAnn clear her name before she is branded a thief by yet another community? And will she be shunned before she can convince others of the truth?

Introducing Our Newest Author—Laurie Stroup Smith

We’re excited to welcome Laurie Stroup Smith to our growing list of authors! Laurie has signed a three-book contract with us for an Amish series tentatively titled “Pocket Quilt” that invites readers into the life of a teenager during her Rumspringa journey.


Laurie Stroup Smith after signing her contract with Vinspire Publishing!

To learn more about Laurie and her journey to publication, visit her creative website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

Book Birthday: Rebekah’s Quilt

Rebekah’s Quilt

Book 1, Rebekah’s Keepsakes

by Sara Harris

RebekahsQuilt 500x750A sweet and gentle love blossoms between Rebekah Stoll and her childhood friend Joseph Graber, despite attempts by her saucy nemesis, Katie Knepp, to sway the young man’s affections her way.

When Joseph hints at the promise of forever, Rebekah is positive she should say yes to his proposal – until a mysterious English stranger shows up at her homestead and sets everything she thought she knew about her world on end.

Our One-Day Only Submission Day Is

June 1st! From 9:00 a.m. EST to 9:00 p.m. EST, you can submit your young adult, middle grade, Amish romance, children’s book, or historical romance novel without an agent! Make sure you read our submission guidelines first, though!

June 1 Submission

We’re excited about opening up to outside submissions once again and look forward to reading what you’ve been writing!

Submissions Opening Soon!

Get Ready

Once every year, we open to unagented submissions for one day only, usually closer to fall, but this year, we’re opening early! The date hasn’t been set in stone yet so you still have time to get your manuscript ready. Here’s what we want to see!

  • Young adult (with or without romance)
  • Middle grade
  • Amish romance
  • Historical romance (We’re especially looking for the next great tale taking place aboard the Titanic or the Lusitania. We’re also looking for books set outside the United States.)
  • Children’s books

Please refer to our submission guidelines for complete details. We won’t accept any book that does not adhere to these guidelines.

We’ll announce the open date right here so be sure to subscribe!

Book Cover Reveal: Rebekah’s Quilt

It’s our second book cover reveal this week, and we’re happy to give you a first look at the cover for Rebekah’s Quilt, the first in the new Amish series by Sara Harris! We’re eager to hear your thoughts so reach out to us here or on social media!


RebekahsQuilt 500x750