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MaMa in the Holler Earns 5-Star Review

Months ahead of its release date, MaMa in the Holler has already earned a 5-star review from Readers Favorite! Congratulations to Jaime McKoy for writing such a touching book and to Hope Smith for illustrating it! Preorder your copy today!

MaMa In The Holler by Jaime McKoy is a beautiful story and speaks about the bonding between a grandmother and a grandchild. Hope Smith’s illustrations are as delightful as the story and breathe life into the events and make the bonding between MaMa and the girl palpable to youngsters.

mamaintheholler Final

Now Available in Audio—The Rainbow with Dull Colors

The Rainbow with Dull Colors by J.J. Johnston has been called “delightful and heartwarming” and “encouraging and reassuring.” But wait until you hear it! Now in audio, this uplifting children’s book is narrated by Matthew Hall whose charming British accent brings this story to life. It’s the perfect bedtime story (or anytime story) for your children to remind them they are precious in God’s eyes and that they have a purpose!

Cover Art Redone

Being a small rainbow with dull colors doesn’t make Archie feel special. He believes changing who he is is the only way to be better, but after God calls him for a special mission, Archie wonders if he can fulfill his purpose by just being himself.

Also available in ebook and paperback!

Sneak Peek: Inside MaMa in the Holler—Our Next Children’s Book

We have a wonderful illustrator who does amazing things for our children’s books, and we have to say she has outdone herself with MaMa in the Holler by Jaime McKoy. Take a look! And if you’re a reviewer, and you’re interested in reading MaMa in the Holler, please contact us! We’re preparing the advance reader copies now!

For more about Jaime McKoy, visit her on the web at http://www.jaimemckoy.com.

5th illustration

Sneak Peek inside MaMa in the Holler

The illustrations for our next children’s book, MaMa in the Holler by Jaime McKoy, are underway, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the very first one! Take a look and let us know what you think! We think our illustrator did a fantastic job, and we can’t wait to see what she does for the rest of the book!

1st illustration


Book Cover Reveal—MaMa in the Holler

Our next children’s book is underway! Mama in the Holler by Jaime McKoy is a little girl’s nostalgic look at time spent with her grandmother in years past. It’s filled with beautiful memories and vivid illustrations. Take a look at the cover!

Mama Reveal

Our One-Day Only Submission Day Is

June 1st! From 9:00 a.m. EST to 9:00 p.m. EST, you can submit your young adult, middle grade, Amish romance, children’s book, or historical romance novel without an agent! Make sure you read our submission guidelines first, though!

June 1 Submission

We’re excited about opening up to outside submissions once again and look forward to reading what you’ve been writing!

Submissions Opening Soon!

Get Ready

Once every year, we open to unagented submissions for one day only, usually closer to fall, but this year, we’re opening early! The date hasn’t been set in stone yet so you still have time to get your manuscript ready. Here’s what we want to see!

  • Young adult (with or without romance)
  • Middle grade
  • Amish romance
  • Historical romance (We’re especially looking for the next great tale taking place aboard the Titanic or the Lusitania. We’re also looking for books set outside the United States.)
  • Children’s books

Please refer to our submission guidelines for complete details. We won’t accept any book that does not adhere to these guidelines.

We’ll announce the open date right here so be sure to subscribe!

Book Birthday: The Rainbow With Dull Colros

Today is the official release of The Rainbow with Dull Colors by J.J. Johnston!

Cover Art Redone

Being a small rainbow with dull colors doesn’t make Archie feel special. He believes changing who he is is the only way to be better, but after God calls him for a special mission, Archie wonders if he can fulfill his purpose by just being himself.

Buy your copy today! https://www.vinspirepublishing.com/therainbowwithdullcolors

A Rainbow’s Journey by J.J. Johnston


Cover Art Redone

The 1992-1993 school year had just begun. My 80’s perm was growing out, and I felt confident in my purple and teal silk shirt. It was my first year of Jr. High, and my chance at a fresh start. No one at my new school knew me as Dog-face Davis, and I hoped they never would.

It was mandatory for all 7th graders to attend a Life Skills class. It focused on helping us develop healthy self-esteem.  After three years of being bullied, I desperately needed it.

Our Life Skills project, that year, was to write a self-esteem book for children. As our teacher showed us an example, a dull little rainbow crossed my mind. He felt unvalued and insecure. Very much like Dog-face Davis.

We were given blank books and set loose. I wrote and illustrated the story in no time. Archie, the rainbow, was small and dull, but after he believed in himself, he became the biggest and brightest rainbow of all.

Fast forward to the summer of 2017, married with ten children, I no longer cared what others thought of me. I only cared how God saw me. But I had to watch my own children struggle to fit in, and great self-esteem wasn’t going to change their reality like it had for Archie in my original story.

My one son is bullied for being short. He won’t grow taller with a positive attitude, but he can still make a difference.  Another one of my sons is autistic, and he’ll never not be autistic, but he still has great purpose.

Inspired by my children, I decided to rewrite my little rainbow story. I wanted kids to know that God uses us as we are. He did create us, after all.


Nolan Carlson’s Start


I started writing over 30 years ago when I was in the army.  When I got out of the army I sent my manuscripts to a literary agent in New York (Glenn Cowley Agency).  They liked my work and agreed to represent me.  I soon sold YA books to Berkeley Publishing of N.Y. and E.P. Dutton of N.Y.

My books were also sold abroad and were featured in the Troll Book Club.  A set of my books were given to the Minister of Education of  Russia while he was in the U.S. visiting schools.  I have presented programs to over 200 schools in four states.

One of my books won first place in a state-wide m.s. contest.  I write primary YA but have recently written in other genres.  Five of my books are in the national AR program.

I was contracted with Vinspire about six years ago when they were expanding their genres into YA.  I have had five books published by Vinspire.  I have enjoyed my time with them and am excited by the increased  distribution to other countries.

Nolan Carlson


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