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Looking Back—Tybee Island, GA by J.K. Bovi

DeadMansFingers 500x750 (2)Looking back at this wonderful blog post about Tybee Island, GA by J.K. Bovi, author of Dead Man’s Fingers! Once you read it, you’ll want to visit!  http://ow.ly/oQ2x30frZzZ

Savannah’s Dead Folk

DMF-GhostTree (2)


My book, Dead Man’s Fingers takes place in Savannah Georgia, and everybody knows Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America. The dead in Savannah aren’t like the dead in other places, because dead folks in Savannah don’t necessarily stay dead.


I live in Savannah and I’ve had a couple of unexplained paranormal experiences of my own. I was taking a nighttime photo of The Lutheran Church inWright Square and my camera battery pack suddenly popped open and the camera flew out of my hands. I found my camera a few feet away on the sidewalk, but I never did find the batteries. Now I wrap up my camera with rubber bands and tape whenever I am taking pictures in Savannah. I’d like to see the spirits get past that!


I had an encounter with a hovering presence while dining at The Pink house. There was a man’s figure standing behind my brother-in-law’s chair seen by all of us at our table, but when my brother-in-law turned to see what we were looking at, the man disappeared. We jokingly asked our waiter if the place was haunted and he told us about a shadow man that is often seen in our corner of the dining room. I guess we should have asked for a table for five instead of four.


When I walked by an old brick building on State Street I got the idea for my YA humor paranormal book. I thought, ‘That place looks like it would have bones buried in the basement.’ To find out what happens you’ll have to read my book, Dead Man’s Fingers. Readers get ready for some Deadly Serious Fun! Coming soon from Vinspire Publishing.


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