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Did You See…?

Leanne Pankuch was recently featured in a guest post on shadow plotting your villain’s story line on TeachingAuthors.com. Leanne is the author of the young adult fantasy, Dragon’s Truth, which is officially six-months-old. (Go to Leanne’s site to enter a contest to celebrate, but hurry! It ends September 30th!)

Dragons truth e-reader and mobile cover

In case you don’t know what shadow plotting is (We didn’t until we read the interview!), it’s plotting the main character’s and the villain’s journey in your writing process. There’s so much more to it than that, though, so you’ll want to go read the complete article/interview. You may find a better way to chronicle the journeys of your lead characters!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Following Our Blog

If you’ve been following us on Instagram (@vinspirepublishing), you’ll know that we’ve been doing monthly giveaways. What does that have to do with our blog? We’re starting the giveaways here as well. Different prizes and different ways to win, but you have to be following to be included in the drawings!

Okay, so that’s the #1 reason you should be following our blog. What are the other reasons?

Follow Our Blog

2. We let you know here long before we open to submissions. So if you’re a writer looking to submit a book to us, then following us is a must!

3.  We’re give you plenty of  chances to get to know our authors and keep you up-to-date with the many ways you can meet them!

4.  If one of our books wins an award, you’ll find it here first! Actually, you’ll get the best information about our books right here as we post it here first.

5.  Once a year, we’re going to have a HUGE giveaway that includes books, gift cards, cookies, chocolate, unique gifts, and so much more!

So now that you know the reasons, follow us here!

Our Newsletter is accepting followers!

For the first few years of our business, we sent out newsletters every month. Time passed, and things got in the way. Unfortunately, we let the newsletter lapse. Recently, we’ve rectified that mistake.

In the coming months, we have some exciting things planned for Vinspire and our readers, and many of those changes will be announced in our newsletter first, giving you the opportunity to know in advance, and possibly, win first.

So sign up now! Here’s the link: http://eepurl.com/Alrav



Thanks to Fans Who Sent Me Their Winter/Holiday Fun Pictures! by Terry Spear

The first is of Lucifer–from Down Under! He’s adorable and reminds me of a black cat I once owned and adored! He adopted my black standard poodle as his mother.

Thanks to Lisa for sharing her cat who is one of Santa’s elves! Merry Christmas to Lisa from Australia!

I don’t think Lucifer looks too happy here! 🙂

And here’s one funny looking little bad-hair day black squirrel, sent to us by Donna from Minnesota! Some of us rarely see snow where we live, so this is always a treat to me! But these pictures are precious too!

Here is our squirrel, as we get to adopt him too! But Donna, he/she needs a name!

And here is the latest in the YA fae series, The Ancient Fae!

ARe Books
Barnes and Noble

Princess Ritasia misses the adventure of getting her brother and cousins out of trouble, but when the hawk fae king arrives to court her, she becomes involved in trouble nothing like she’s ever faced before.

The hawk fae king, Tiernan, must find a bride, but being a tyrant king, or so his people believe, he must find a woman who would help him to change his people’s view of how he and his queen shall rule.

Princess Ritasia isn’t anything like what he’d envision his queen would be like. Rough and tumble, unafraid of danger, and speaking her mind, the lady might just be the one for him.

The princess believes the king is a tyrant, at least at times. But she discovers he’s not all that he seems, and she wants to learn even more.

The problem is that Ritasia stumbles across an ancient queen’s magical artifact and nothing will ever be the same between her people, his, and what is dug up at the ancient fae dig site.

Today I’m at the following places:

Bitten by Paranormal Romance Taking bitten by paranormal romance, literally…giveaway!
Cindy’s Love of Books  –Giveaway!


Love Romance Passion  –Giveaway!

Thanks again to fans who shared their fun pictures with us!

Have a fun day! We’re past Monday! Which sometimes doesn’t matter! I’ve had a week of Mondays before!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”



At least baby jaguar is celebrating TGIF! Momma jaguar is a little under the tooth….

But back to wolves…

With the continuation of the Blog Tour for Dreaming of the Wolf, today I’m at:

Book Monster Reviews

Literal Addiction  (8-10 chat also) Please come because I may be the only one there!!! 🙂 But then again, I maybe so tired after work, I might not even notice. LOL

Over the Edge


Red Roses for Authors–a lovely review from Anne Herries

Alicia Greiston is a bounty hunter that is determined to bring down a mob family. Because of her career choice she has made sure that she doesn’t have relationships with men for fear of them being killed because they are involved with her. All that changes when she meets Jake Silver. Alicia knows it is a very bad idea to get involved with him but she just can’t seem to help it.

Jake Silver took one look at Alicia and was determined to protect her. Luckily for her Jake is a lot more than he seems and knows how to protect himself and her from whatever threats might come their way. Jake’s instincts are telling him to protect Alicia but when they starting having very real passionate dreams together Jake knows that Alicia is more to him than he first realized and now he will show her how a wolf protects his mate.

With the passion that flairs between Alicia and Jake they are going to have to find a way to take down the bad guys and keep themselves safe while dealing with their attraction for each other. Alicia may not realize at first just how capably Jake is at taking care of them both but she is about to learn just what kind of man Jake truly is.

This is a wonderful continuation to a series that is sure to please reader that love werewolves. The premise of this series really makes it stand out in a genre that has a great many wonderful stories in it. The author has managed to write a series that stays fresh and will keep the reader interested and addicted to the series. This will bring back some characters that readers familiar with this series will recognize and get a chance to visit again. This is one worth reading.


And A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE had a terrific new review also!

    Product Rating:
  Story Plot:
  Author’s Writing Style:
  Length of Book:
  Overall Quality:
    Product Reviewing Points:

  Summary of this Book…

So I have been given a great opportunity, to review a new story, by a great author; Terry Spear.

I’ve actually read her books before, so I knew I would like her story, but I didn’t know how much.

‘A Ghost of a Chance at Love’ is actually a little out of my league, because while I love the paranormal/fantasy genre, I am a bit out of my league in Time travel. Not just time travel, but Western as well.
Gulp! Bravely, I delved into this book with admittedly a little hesitancy.
And I am SOOOOOOO glad I did!!!! As my first real western/time travel novel, I was actually impressed! -Not that I didn’t think it wouldn’t be impressive, Ms. Spear is a GREAT author after all, I have enjoyed her books before, but I was certainly not expecting this!

I LOVED it! As I said, this isn’t my usual genre, so I tread a little carefully here, not exactly sure what I should compare it to; As far as romances go, it was beautiful! Masterfully written, concise, and extremely well detailed. It was like I’d gone back in time myself!

At times I was frustrated on behalf of the characters, sometimes cheering them on, and even gasping during their peril. I wanted to shout at the book. How could so much happen to one person? Or should I say two, considering, this IS a romance.

These characters are clearly made of stronger stuff than I. I would not have lasted a day in their lives. In the beginning, it’s a bit foggy what’s going on, we have the main character, a lovely American, Lisa, who’s obviously had a hard day, what with her hasty divorce and all, she doesn’t quite realize she isn’t where she’s supposed to be; and we have the sexy cowboy, Jack, who’s obviously had a long day as well, who’s dreaming about his deceased fiancée. They both seem a little surprised to find each other, him being that it’s HIS hotel room and her being in a completely different time period than the one she fell asleep in.

They’re chemistry is pretty much instantaneous. I admit I was in love with him from the start. I’m a sucker for charming hospitality! Through out the story, he continuously tries to help her; despite the fact that he thinks she’s sick, crazy, or maybe both. Against all odds, he keeps trying to help her, even when the odds are against them and it’s HIS neck on the line.

I was relieved when they figured out what was causing her to time travel, and more than a little excited when she somehow managed to bring him back with her. I thought perhaps they should have stayed in her time where things were easier to understand, but then it wasn’t, not for him anyway, so it’s more of a compromise, who could survive best, where. I felt like a kid at Christmas, waiting for his reaction to all the discoveries he’d surely make.

I was a bit surprised at how easily he handled being transported through time. He didn’t really react to his first car ride, which HAD to have been terrifying; or the washer and dryer, which was probably more confusing than anything. He DID react strongly to the scantily clad women, I was glad to see, I liked seeing his reaction.

I’ve always been one for a faster pace, and this book IS a little slower in some parts, and then a little rushed in others, but it balances well.

What I wouldn’t love to be this girl, with so many men in love with her, despite a few of them being crazy, or evil, or even on the wrong side of the law. She’s obviously a beautiful girl, brave, courageous, and full of life, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to survive being shot at, kidnapped, transported through time, a pawn for the FBI, and probably the most frustrating of all, mistaken identity!

I was a bit bummed about a few of the deaths, but in the end it worked out, so I wasn’t TOO disappointed. What’s a good story without a couple deaths, right?

I think I fell a little in love with the main character’s brother, Mathew, as well. He seemed so charming, and affectionate, as well as hospitable, like his brother, Jack. I was always glad to see him when things got complicated.
I am a bit more familiar with the settings, as well as their speech, I DO live in Kentucky, but those who don’t know or haven’t heard a southerner talk might have a little trouble following along with some of the slang.
Despite that, this story was very in-depth; I personally didn’t have any trouble what-so-ever following along, despite its complicated story-line. I like a little mystery in my books, and this book held nothing back in that department.

  The author of this Book…

Terry Spear

  Further Comments…

I fully recommend this book!
After I started reading it, I just couldn’t put it down! -Can’t wait to see what else Ms. Spear comes up with!~~Midnight Reads

Hope you all are planning a lovely weekend! I’ve got to WRITE this weekend!

Have a wonderful Friday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

Giveaways—a helpful way of promoting?

Right now, Vintage Reflections has two giveaways underway to celebrate our latest children’s book release, When My Grandma Sings by Robena Egemonye (illustrated by Judi Spooner). We’ve received a lot of entries in these giveaways which got me to thinking of authors believe this is a good promotional vehicle.

So what are your thoughts? As a writer, do you think it’s worth the cost of two or three books to help get your name out there, especially with so many people have thousands of friends on Facebook?

As a reader, do you enter giveaways because you’re looking for new authors to read, you like to win things, or the book is written by your favorite author?

How much of an impact do giveaways have, and do you think giving away a book is enhanced by the author and/or illustrator’s signature?

Post your answers in the comments’ section and then be sure to enter the two giveaways for When My Grandma Sings. Links provided below.

http://www.vrpublishing.com (front page)


Book Giveaway

We’ll be drawing the winner for our three book giveaway on May 15th so if you haven’t checked out our commercial, you still have time to do it! See post below!