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A Great Review for The Mystery of the Painted Book

Book Nook Bits recently reviewed The Mystery of the Painted Book, the first in the International Agents of Intrigue series by K.S. Mitchell. This was perfect timing considering the second book in the series, The Mystery of the Golden Ball, just released on September 15th.

We’re always thankful to book reviewers, and we’re grateful to Book Nook Bits for taking the time to read The Mystery of the Painted Book and for posting her review!

Get to know interesting details about our authors!

Every Friday on Instagram, we share a fun fact about one of our authors! It’s a great way to learn more about the writers of some of your favorite books, and some of the facts are pretty amazing! Take a look at some we’ve already shared!

Have more fun with the International Agents of Intrigue

The second book in K.S. Mitchell’s International Agents of Intrigue series sees the twins trying to solve yet another mystery, this time with a stolen soccer trophy!

The twins are looking forward to the beginning of the school year and the Friendship Cup international soccer tournament taking place in their hometown of Boston.

When new student and Brazilian soccer star Mariana joins the school team, suddenly the twins’ are challenged on and off the field. Then the Golden Ball trophy, awarded to the best soccer player in the world, is stolen and the twins know they have to take the case. They just didn’t expect an international mystery to land in their own backyard.

Now Pen & Quin have to choose: help their team win the soccer tournament or help their new friend find the stolen trophy and escape the thieves who took it.

Soccer, art, and technology collide in the Pen & Quin’s second international mystery.   

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Did you know…

that you can read the first chapter of all our books (except novellas for which we upload excerpts only) on Wattpad? We usually upload them long before the book’s release so you’ll have the chance to try before you buy!

Below are some newly-added chapters! Go have a look!

Cover Reveal: The Mystery of the Golden Ball

The second book in K.S. Mitchell’s Pen & Quin: International Agents of Intrigue series is here! This installment continues the adventures of twins, Pen & Quin, who can’t resist a mystery! Coming September 2020!

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ElTiburon 500x750Author H. Schussman, who penned El Tiburon, invites our authors to her blog so she can ask some of the best questions! In case you haven’t stopped by for a visit, here are April and May’s recent posts with intriguing questions and responses from our authors!

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K.S. Mitchell, author of Pen & Quin, International Agents of Intrigue