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ICYMI: Story Inspiration for Restless Spirits

GUEST POST3D Restless Spirits


Restless Spirits is one of the few books or stories of mine that I can pinpoint the exact moment of inspiration.

It was Halloween night, 2004, and my friends and I went to see The Grudge (this was exactly two nights after I had met the man who would become my husband on a semi-blind date, which might be why it stands out so well in my memory). Afterwards, I was pondering the mechanics of the curse, and I had questions.

Questions like, if someone dies a violent death and becomes a vengeful, murderous spirit, then what happens to their victims, who are also violently murdered? Do they also become cursed vengeful spirits? What if the original spirit kills enough people that those spirits decide to turn around and gang up on the original spirit who killed them?

And thus the main plot of Restless Spirits was born.

So by the time I actually started writing Restless Spirits for Nanowrimo in 2008, it had evolved a bit. It’s funny how your subconscious keeps working on a story and shaping it into what it’s supposed to be even when you think it’s the last thing on your mind. I can’t even tell you where my protagonist, Ron, came from (although I’ll try to make a few guesses in my next post, when I talk about character inspiration). I just know that the moment I started writing in her voice, she just sort of took over and told me the story. That was the first and, so far, only time I’ve ever successfully pantsed a novel, as well as the first time I’d won Nanowrimo, mainly because Ron simply wouldn’t stop talking to me until her story was told.

It actually took a few more years–four, to be exact–before I started writing the book. In the mean time I was working on my first post-fanfiction novel, the Cyperpunk Faeries in Hollywood tale I

was calling Hero Factor,which has since become lost before I could make it fit for public consumption, and it’s probably just as well. I was also falling in love with that aforementioned blind date, planning a wedding and settling into married life, among other things.

I wish all of my narrators could be so chatty. It certainly makes my job easier.

Over 900 pages of paranormal romance!

Now you can get 3 time travel romances in one bundle and only for $3.99. The Moonseed Trilogy by Judith Ingram http://ow.ly/khLq30hjlkw Well over 900 pages of paranormal romance!

Three compelling paranormal romances come together in one volume! Victoria and Katherine’s lives are inexplicably linked through the mystery of time travel. Join them on a journey of love, sadness, and triumph as they search for the lives they were always meant to live.  Includes Bridge to the PastBorrowed Promises, and Into the Mist.

Moonseed Trilogy 01


THE PASSENGER, an excerpt


The musky scent of skin, a brush on the shoulder, a gust of bitter air – all forewarn Elizabeth a spirit will soon seek her help to pass from this world to the next. Yet a living man’s wounded soul offers her the challenge of a lifetime.

With Halloween just days away, I wanted to drop by and treat everyone to an excerpt from my 1940’s ghost story, THE PASSENGER.

 The set-up:  Elizabeth Reilly has a gift. She can communicate with the dead. The ghosts appear to her as if alive in the condition they were at the time of their death.

At other times she can experience the moments that led up to their death. The passage below is one such time…

Gio veered the truck down a dirt road. “What do you do…in Boston?”

His voice was nice, almost soothing to Elizabeth’s emotional state, when it wasn’t so accusatory or threatening. “What do I do?” she asked.

Impatient with her again, he said, “Yes. How do you make a living?”

“Well, I don’t…at the moment. I live with my family.” She rubbed her arms to smooth the hair that stood on end. Utter panic swept her body. The sudden sensation of flight assaulted her. Someone chased her, and she ran for her life…

A woman ran into the middle of the road, glancing over her shoulder at something behind her. The long tattered dress she wore had rips at the hem and revealed dirty, bare feet.

“Hobby then,” Gio said. His voice reminded her where she was – in the truck with him.

Then pain shot through her head.

“Gio!” she screamed and grabbed his arm at the same moment the woman ran into the truck’s path.

“What are you doing?” He twisted the wheel sharply. The truck spun to the left and passed through the woman.

“No – no,” Elizabeth chanted on the edge of a sob. Her body grew ice-cold with a shiver that climbed her spine. The woman ran past the passenger side window. Her crushed skull exposed jagged, bloody bone. Dried blood covered one side of her dress. “You hit—” she groaned. The woman fled down the empty road then vanished out of sight.

To learn more about me and THE PASSENGER, please visit me at any of the following:

Author Website

My blog, Tales for Joie




Have a happy and safe Halloween! ~Joie

Joie Lesin

~Discover Love’s Haunting Journey Home~

More Misty Fog for a Spooktacular Halloween



More of a view of the fog on a nice Halloweenish day, albeit a bit early. This was a view of my neighbor’s yard that normally you can see clearly.


Perfectly spooky, right?





All the ghosts and witches and wait, black and white kitties and a black and white panda bear? Oh well, they wanted to be part of the plan! My mother gave me the black and white kittens and panda. Except panda is distracted. Hey, look at the camera, this way!!


I had a black and white cat, Trixie, who was full of the devil and my baby for years. So I have a collection of black and white cats! Just pretend they are all black. 🙂

Have a fantastic Thursday!


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Spooky and Fun by Terry Spear


Yes, the question is: Where is the spider who make this huge web???


Isn’t it just perfect for Halloween? As long as it’s outside and I’m not about to walk through it, yes!


Why does the yard look so blurred beyond? It’s not the camera, or the photographer or Photoshop, but we had a spectacularly ghoulish mist blanketing the whole area. Perfect for a Halloween day/night. Only it’s too early!!!


Ever play with troll dolls? See the troll dressed as a black kitty cat and carrying her own jack-o-lantern trick-or-treating bag? I got it for my daughter years ago because of her red hair and she was a black kitty cat one year! But guess who kept it???


Have a spooktacular day!



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!”


USA TODAY Happy Ever Afters Interview! by Terry Spear

 Happy Hump Day!!!

If you’re wondering why the bear is included in the Hump Day celebration, the old time teddy bears had a hump on their back like Grizzlies! 🙂

I’m here! There! It’s up!!!

USA Today Happy Ever Afters!!

I’m giving away a lot of copies of Dreaming of the Wolf, just check out my blog daily for the updates as to where I am.

Today I’m at the following places:

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Love Romance Passion  –Giveaway!

Off to work! Hope everyone has a super fantastic hump day!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!”

A Ghost of a Chance at Love, Top Pick, Night Owl Romance


Merry Christmas!!!

I was excited to get this review of A Ghost of a Chance at Love today from NOR, which made my day also!!!

Night Owl Reviews Book Review of A Ghost of a Chance at Love

Print Page

Author: Terry Spear

Publisher: Vinspire Publishing

Tags: Paranormal Romance, Time-Travel, Western, Ghosts

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Reviewed by: Mandy
When Lisa woke up in the year 1870 she thought she was dreaming. As she started to explore and tried to find the place she’d had dinner last night, she discovered it wasn’t there. She still couldn’t believe it wasn’t just a dream, but as things slowly started to fall into place she realized she needed some help. She really did go back in time! Lisa noticed a cowboy watching her and when he realized she needed help, he offered his assistance. If they’d only known what they’d be getting themselves into
A Ghost of a Chance at Love is romantic suspense at its best! This is only the second Terry Spear romance I’ve ever read, but I absolutely loved it! It’s the most unusual time-travel romance I’ve had the pleasure of reading, filled with adventure, mystery, intrigue, and heartwarming romance. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll become involved in the story and how much is going on at any given moment. I adored the characters and you’ll feel the romance right away. Even though it was against Jack’s better judgment to get involved with Lisa, he fell for her right away and wanted to protect her, cherish her, and make her his wife. They just needed to get beyond a few complications. You’re going to love the twists and turns this story takes and it will definitely instill the warm-and-fuzzy feelings any good romance will give you! I highly recommend A Ghost of a Chance at Love!
Dec 07, 2011 | B005LHO9U4

Hope everyone is having a great time for the holidays! I’ve got a lot of cleaning, grocery shopping, and Christmas decorating to do! Are you ready for Christmas?

It’s off to the day job for me!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!”






At least baby jaguar is celebrating TGIF! Momma jaguar is a little under the tooth….

But back to wolves…

With the continuation of the Blog Tour for Dreaming of the Wolf, today I’m at:

Book Monster Reviews

Literal Addiction  (8-10 chat also) Please come because I may be the only one there!!! 🙂 But then again, I maybe so tired after work, I might not even notice. LOL

Over the Edge


Red Roses for Authors–a lovely review from Anne Herries

Alicia Greiston is a bounty hunter that is determined to bring down a mob family. Because of her career choice she has made sure that she doesn’t have relationships with men for fear of them being killed because they are involved with her. All that changes when she meets Jake Silver. Alicia knows it is a very bad idea to get involved with him but she just can’t seem to help it.

Jake Silver took one look at Alicia and was determined to protect her. Luckily for her Jake is a lot more than he seems and knows how to protect himself and her from whatever threats might come their way. Jake’s instincts are telling him to protect Alicia but when they starting having very real passionate dreams together Jake knows that Alicia is more to him than he first realized and now he will show her how a wolf protects his mate.

With the passion that flairs between Alicia and Jake they are going to have to find a way to take down the bad guys and keep themselves safe while dealing with their attraction for each other. Alicia may not realize at first just how capably Jake is at taking care of them both but she is about to learn just what kind of man Jake truly is.

This is a wonderful continuation to a series that is sure to please reader that love werewolves. The premise of this series really makes it stand out in a genre that has a great many wonderful stories in it. The author has managed to write a series that stays fresh and will keep the reader interested and addicted to the series. This will bring back some characters that readers familiar with this series will recognize and get a chance to visit again. This is one worth reading.


And A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE had a terrific new review also!

    Product Rating:
  Story Plot:
  Author’s Writing Style:
  Length of Book:
  Overall Quality:
    Product Reviewing Points:

  Summary of this Book…

So I have been given a great opportunity, to review a new story, by a great author; Terry Spear.

I’ve actually read her books before, so I knew I would like her story, but I didn’t know how much.

‘A Ghost of a Chance at Love’ is actually a little out of my league, because while I love the paranormal/fantasy genre, I am a bit out of my league in Time travel. Not just time travel, but Western as well.
Gulp! Bravely, I delved into this book with admittedly a little hesitancy.
And I am SOOOOOOO glad I did!!!! As my first real western/time travel novel, I was actually impressed! -Not that I didn’t think it wouldn’t be impressive, Ms. Spear is a GREAT author after all, I have enjoyed her books before, but I was certainly not expecting this!

I LOVED it! As I said, this isn’t my usual genre, so I tread a little carefully here, not exactly sure what I should compare it to; As far as romances go, it was beautiful! Masterfully written, concise, and extremely well detailed. It was like I’d gone back in time myself!

At times I was frustrated on behalf of the characters, sometimes cheering them on, and even gasping during their peril. I wanted to shout at the book. How could so much happen to one person? Or should I say two, considering, this IS a romance.

These characters are clearly made of stronger stuff than I. I would not have lasted a day in their lives. In the beginning, it’s a bit foggy what’s going on, we have the main character, a lovely American, Lisa, who’s obviously had a hard day, what with her hasty divorce and all, she doesn’t quite realize she isn’t where she’s supposed to be; and we have the sexy cowboy, Jack, who’s obviously had a long day as well, who’s dreaming about his deceased fiancée. They both seem a little surprised to find each other, him being that it’s HIS hotel room and her being in a completely different time period than the one she fell asleep in.

They’re chemistry is pretty much instantaneous. I admit I was in love with him from the start. I’m a sucker for charming hospitality! Through out the story, he continuously tries to help her; despite the fact that he thinks she’s sick, crazy, or maybe both. Against all odds, he keeps trying to help her, even when the odds are against them and it’s HIS neck on the line.

I was relieved when they figured out what was causing her to time travel, and more than a little excited when she somehow managed to bring him back with her. I thought perhaps they should have stayed in her time where things were easier to understand, but then it wasn’t, not for him anyway, so it’s more of a compromise, who could survive best, where. I felt like a kid at Christmas, waiting for his reaction to all the discoveries he’d surely make.

I was a bit surprised at how easily he handled being transported through time. He didn’t really react to his first car ride, which HAD to have been terrifying; or the washer and dryer, which was probably more confusing than anything. He DID react strongly to the scantily clad women, I was glad to see, I liked seeing his reaction.

I’ve always been one for a faster pace, and this book IS a little slower in some parts, and then a little rushed in others, but it balances well.

What I wouldn’t love to be this girl, with so many men in love with her, despite a few of them being crazy, or evil, or even on the wrong side of the law. She’s obviously a beautiful girl, brave, courageous, and full of life, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to survive being shot at, kidnapped, transported through time, a pawn for the FBI, and probably the most frustrating of all, mistaken identity!

I was a bit bummed about a few of the deaths, but in the end it worked out, so I wasn’t TOO disappointed. What’s a good story without a couple deaths, right?

I think I fell a little in love with the main character’s brother, Mathew, as well. He seemed so charming, and affectionate, as well as hospitable, like his brother, Jack. I was always glad to see him when things got complicated.
I am a bit more familiar with the settings, as well as their speech, I DO live in Kentucky, but those who don’t know or haven’t heard a southerner talk might have a little trouble following along with some of the slang.
Despite that, this story was very in-depth; I personally didn’t have any trouble what-so-ever following along, despite its complicated story-line. I like a little mystery in my books, and this book held nothing back in that department.

  The author of this Book…

Terry Spear

  Further Comments…

I fully recommend this book!
After I started reading it, I just couldn’t put it down! -Can’t wait to see what else Ms. Spear comes up with!~~Midnight Reads

Hope you all are planning a lovely weekend! I’ve got to WRITE this weekend!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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