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ICYMI: Story Inspiration for Restless Spirits

GUEST POST3D Restless Spirits


Restless Spirits is one of the few books or stories of mine that I can pinpoint the exact moment of inspiration.

It was Halloween night, 2004, and my friends and I went to see The Grudge (this was exactly two nights after I had met the man who would become my husband on a semi-blind date, which might be why it stands out so well in my memory). Afterwards, I was pondering the mechanics of the curse, and I had questions.

Questions like, if someone dies a violent death and becomes a vengeful, murderous spirit, then what happens to their victims, who are also violently murdered? Do they also become cursed vengeful spirits? What if the original spirit kills enough people that those spirits decide to turn around and gang up on the original spirit who killed them?

And thus the main plot of Restless Spirits was born.

So by the time I actually started writing Restless Spirits for Nanowrimo in 2008, it had evolved a bit. It’s funny how your subconscious keeps working on a story and shaping it into what it’s supposed to be even when you think it’s the last thing on your mind. I can’t even tell you where my protagonist, Ron, came from (although I’ll try to make a few guesses in my next post, when I talk about character inspiration). I just know that the moment I started writing in her voice, she just sort of took over and told me the story. That was the first and, so far, only time I’ve ever successfully pantsed a novel, as well as the first time I’d won Nanowrimo, mainly because Ron simply wouldn’t stop talking to me until her story was told.

It actually took a few more years–four, to be exact–before I started writing the book. In the mean time I was working on my first post-fanfiction novel, the Cyperpunk Faeries in Hollywood tale I

was calling Hero Factor,which has since become lost before I could make it fit for public consumption, and it’s probably just as well. I was also falling in love with that aforementioned blind date, planning a wedding and settling into married life, among other things.

I wish all of my narrators could be so chatty. It certainly makes my job easier.

The Spirits Are Back!

Bound Spirits, the 3rd book in the Restless Spirits series, is now available, and it’s bringing more spirits with it!

Bound 3d

When her dad and his annoying girlfriend announce their engagement, Chris Wilson isn’t exactly thrilled. As if getting roped into bridesmaid duty for a future step-mom she can’t stand isn’t bad enough, Chris is stunned when Marsha accuses Chris’s deceased mother of trying to ruin the wedding.

Certain their mother moved on to the Great Beyond long ago, the Wilson sisters investigate who—or what—is really out to get Marsha. With marriage fever making everyone crazy, can the sisters get to the bottom of this haunting in time to save the wedding? And do they even want to?

Available now from your favorite retailer! Find out more at www.vinspirepublishing.com.



Savannah’s Dead Folk

DMF-GhostTree (2)


My book, Dead Man’s Fingers takes place in Savannah Georgia, and everybody knows Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America. The dead in Savannah aren’t like the dead in other places, because dead folks in Savannah don’t necessarily stay dead.


I live in Savannah and I’ve had a couple of unexplained paranormal experiences of my own. I was taking a nighttime photo of The Lutheran Church inWright Square and my camera battery pack suddenly popped open and the camera flew out of my hands. I found my camera a few feet away on the sidewalk, but I never did find the batteries. Now I wrap up my camera with rubber bands and tape whenever I am taking pictures in Savannah. I’d like to see the spirits get past that!


I had an encounter with a hovering presence while dining at The Pink house. There was a man’s figure standing behind my brother-in-law’s chair seen by all of us at our table, but when my brother-in-law turned to see what we were looking at, the man disappeared. We jokingly asked our waiter if the place was haunted and he told us about a shadow man that is often seen in our corner of the dining room. I guess we should have asked for a table for five instead of four.


When I walked by an old brick building on State Street I got the idea for my YA humor paranormal book. I thought, ‘That place looks like it would have bones buried in the basement.’ To find out what happens you’ll have to read my book, Dead Man’s Fingers. Readers get ready for some Deadly Serious Fun! Coming soon from Vinspire Publishing.


Look for Dead Man’s Fingers and please comment here for a chance to win an ebook of your choice from our catalog. http://vinspirepublishing.com


Nolan Carlson’s Start


I started writing over 30 years ago when I was in the army.  When I got out of the army I sent my manuscripts to a literary agent in New York (Glenn Cowley Agency).  They liked my work and agreed to represent me.  I soon sold YA books to Berkeley Publishing of N.Y. and E.P. Dutton of N.Y.

My books were also sold abroad and were featured in the Troll Book Club.  A set of my books were given to the Minister of Education of  Russia while he was in the U.S. visiting schools.  I have presented programs to over 200 schools in four states.

One of my books won first place in a state-wide m.s. contest.  I write primary YA but have recently written in other genres.  Five of my books are in the national AR program.

I was contracted with Vinspire about six years ago when they were expanding their genres into YA.  I have had five books published by Vinspire.  I have enjoyed my time with them and am excited by the increased  distribution to other countries.

Nolan Carlson


Find more of Nolan’s work

Trick or Treat with BRIDGE TO THE PAST

THE TRICK: Is she a ghost or a visitor from another time?

THE TREAT: Please enjoy an excerpt (below) from the paranormal fiction story, Bridge to the Past, by Judith Ingram, coming soon from Vinspire Publishing.

In the Prologue, a bitter cold January day finds twelve-year-old Victoria on a field trip to Fort Ross, a restored 19th century Russian outpost overlooking the rugged California coast. Sheltering from the weather in a souvenir shop, Victoria is surprised when the shopkeeper—an ancient Native American woman—presses her to buy an old copper coin and insists that the coin will magically alter her future. Despite her misgivings, ignoring the scoffing whispers of her classmates, Victoria gives the old woman all her money and accepts the coin.…

(excerpt): During the long bus ride back to San Francisco, my hand stole repeatedly into my pocket to rub the coin as if it were Aladdin’s lamp. I refused to let the other girls hold it. By the time I got home, I had decided to keep the coin and its promise of magic a secret from my mother and my grandmother. I climbed into bed that night still clutching it and fell asleep with my thumb circling its rim, feeling automatically for a curious nick cut deep and worn smooth over time.

It was the cold, silent hour before dawn when something woke me. A descending moon poured a dazzling stream of silver through my window, making me squint as I opened my eyes. The silver pooled beside my bed, and in the center of the pool, not three feet away from me, stood a girl watching me sleep.

She was small and slight, close to my own age, with a curtain of dark hair spilling down her back. Her eyes were intent on me, gleaming black in the moonlight. I stared back at her in mute astonishment, more fascinated than afraid.

I tried to sit up but found my arms and legs manacled by the paralysis that comes with sleep. As I struggled to free myself, the girl’s image quivered and began to separate, like ripples in a reflecting pool. In another instant, she had dissolved. I was staring at my bedroom wall through an empty shower of moonbeams.

Who is the mysterious girl with the long dark hair? What did the old shopkeeper mean when she told Victoria, “Today, tomorrow, yesterday—they are all the same”?

Bridge to the Past is the first book in the time-travel series, Moonseed. This beginning book of the trilogy provides the critical first link between Victoria and Katherine, two women born over a century apart, who will discover that what is past is not necessarily behind them.

Please look for this title coming soon from Vinspire Publishing.

Visit the author at http://www.judithingram.com.